Lone Star College Students Awarded Scholarships at Chancellor's Donor Appreciation Lunch

By: Bill Van Rysdam
| Published 02/10/2020


HOUSTON, TX – Lone Star College students shared personal stories of triumph, overcoming struggles and a commitment to their education at the Chancellor’s Donor Appreciation Lunch hosted by Lone Star College Foundation.

“It is my great privilege to host this event, now in its 27th year,” said Stephen C. Head, Ph.D., LSC chancellor. “Listening to these students reminds all of us what an important role Lone Star College plays in helping people receive a quality education and enhanced skills so that they can contribute to our community’s economic vitality.”

The Chancellor’s Donor Appreciation Lunch (formally known as the Chancellor’s Breakfast) recognized 14 LSC students for their winning essays. Each student received a $1,000 scholarship made possible due to the generosity of LSC Foundation donors.

Seven of the 14 scholarship winners were selected to read their essays including: Adrian Zepeda, LSC-CyFair; Eric Garcia, LSC-Houston North; Karina Pina, LSC-Kingwood; Prisca Mongare, LSC-Montgomery; Martha Rabadan, LSC-North Harris; Angus Penland, LSC-Tomball; and Dylan Garcia, LSC-University Park.

Scholarships were also awarded to: Nancy Ortega, LSC-CyFair; Jonathan Monterosa, LSC-Houston North; Raul Peralta, LSC-Kingwood; Adrián Aguirre, LSC-Montgomery; Jesse Alvarez, LSC-North Harris; Dejah Serna, LSC-Tomball; and Thomeka Ramirez, LSC-University Park.

“This event is a wonderful opportunity for our donors to hear directly from the students they are helping to support,” said Nicole Robinson Gauthier, CFRE, LSC Foundation executive director. “The scholarships awarded today will go a long way to strengthen our community thanks to the generous support from the many individuals, families, businesses and foundations.”

Each year, LSC students are invited to participate in the essay contest to write about “How my Lone Star College experience has influenced my life.” Winners are selected by campus committees before the luncheon, which took place Jan. 30 at the Lone Star Community Building in The Woodlands.

Excerpts from this year’s student essay winners who spoke at the Chancellor’s Donor Appreciation Lunch:

Adrian Zepeda, LSC-CyFair

“Lone Star College’s location made it easy to attend to my studies in a welcoming environment that was proximal to my house at a time when everything seemed like a huge obstacle. I have Lone Star College to thank for amazing resources that were available to me in the case that I needed help after not being able to attend class for a few days due to my younger brother who was involved in a car accident.”

Eric Garcia, LSC-Houston North

“My Lone Star College experience is one of compassion, encouragement and nurturing. It is a story of a father of 4 who, although he was late to show up, he was not judged but was welcomed. He was not discouraged and was demonstrated from everyone at Lone Star College, from the Dean down to the person that welcomes you at the front desk, your education, your experience and your future is the most important resource in this building.”

Karina Pina, LSC-Kingwood

“Being part of Lone Star College-Kingwood is amazing. I know a better life is hard work so I keep pushing forward. I know some day I will look back at all the struggles and feel proud that I overcame each and every one of them. Someday I can tell anyone who needs advice that no matter how bad it is, leaving school is not an option. Education is really the key to it all but being a good and grateful person along with it is the secret to purpose.”

Prisca Mongare, LSC-Montgomery

“My lifelong dream of attending school and getting the best quality education in the U.S. is now moving forward thanks to generous educational scholarships like these. My goal in life is to become a medical anesthesiologist and use that knowledge to change the health care system of my home country. Through all the great lessons and values, I have learned at Lone Star College, I believe I am well equipped to achieve my goals and be the change that I want to see in this world.”

Martha Rabadan, LSC-North Harris

“Lone Star has College had a great impact on my life by helping me see the reality around me. As I applied to different universities, I never really thought about how I would pay for it. I assumed I would receive enough financial aid or my parents would help me pay for it. Lone Star College has impacted my life by having so many resources for me and other students to use and it is a relief to know that these resources are available for me.”

Angus Penland, LSC-Tomball

“My new college life has affected my happiness, my friendships, my opportunities and my way of thinking. Even though I have only been enrolled for a mere three months, and graduated from High School in May, the Lone Star College experience has already had a bigger and greater impact on me then High School ever did.”

Dylan Garcia, LSC-University Park

“My college education at Lone Star College has changed my life by giving me a chance at a future I can be proud of. In hindsight, I can easily say that walking into the doors of Lone Star College for that third time was one of my greatest achievements. My advisors, mentors, and professors all believed in me which in return convinced me to believe in myself.”

Founded in 1991, the Lone Star College Foundation has expanded its initial investment of $20,000 into an extensive portfolio of over $30 million. More than $17 million is currently committed to endowed scholarships and the remainder funds special scholarships and supports academic and workforce programs throughout Lone Star College.

LSC Foundation raised $1.7 million and provided nearly $1.5 million in scholarships to 1,500 students, as well as $934,000 awarded in program and emergency support to Lone Star College in 2018-19. The mission of LSC Foundation is to change lives through student scholarships and quality educational programs achieved by excellence in relationship building, fundraising and investment management. Visit LoneStar.edu/Giving for more information.

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