Vote for Bruce Coulson Tough for 457th District Judge

By: Stuart L Schroeder
| Published 02/24/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- I have known and volunteered with Bruce C. Tough in several community capacities for over 15 years. I served with Bruce on the former Woodlands Community Association board for four years beginning in 2006. This was a challenging time for The Woodlands as the threat of annexation by the cities of Houston and Conroe was a very distinct possibility. Bruce was very involved, devoting countless hours working with other elected officials in securing a path for The Woodlands to self-govern itself with an agreement with Houston and Conroe that was ratified by a substantial majority of voters in the community. Also, during this time, Bruce worked tirelessly to improve The Woodlands Fire Department which incrementally raised its rating to ISO Class 1.
Bruce also served as the chairman of the nominating committee for the George Strake and Tall Timbers Districts of the Boy Scouts of America for over ten years. Beginning in 2018, Bruce agreed to volunteer as the District Chairman for the Tall Timbers District. He has been a true asset to Scouting with his intelligent approach to overcoming challenges. During the latter half of 2019, Bruce was instrumental in facilitating the pending merger of the Tall Timbers District and the George Strake District by engaging Scouters with both Districts and helping to fill key roles on the new George Strake District Committee for 2020.
Over the years that I have known him, it has been apparent to me that Bruce Tough commits the necessary time to be successful with every organization in which he is involved. Bruce is passionate about his community. He is highly motivated and has the managerial skills to build successful organizations.
I believe that Bruce will bring the same successful approach and skills to the bench of the 457th District Court of Montgomery County.

Stuart L. Schroeder,
The Woodlands, TX 77381

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