Candidates and Community at the 2020 Whistle Stop Tour

By: Billy Adams
| Published 02/27/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- The March 3, 2020 Primary Election is almost upon us and Wednesday evening, the community was treated to an old-fashioned political rally, hosted by The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce. The event was located at The Lone Star College System Office Community Building, 5000 Research Forest Drive in The Woodlands. Candidates for local and state positions appearing on the Montgomery County ballot were invited to this special event and those that came not only gave their best stump speeches, but they also stayed to meet with the public, answered questions about their respective positions and gave their visions for the future of this area as well as the state.

The Political Makeup of Montgomery County

The political landscape is always changing, both in Montgomery County as well as in Texas as a whole and both Republicans and Democrats were on hand Wednesday evening to give their opinions concerning where these changes were taking our community. With the influx of people moving to our state and with Montgomery County being one of the fastest growing counties within Texas, many believe that Democrats are establishing better footing in areas like Montgomery County. Others believe that although there are slight Democratic increases in some areas of Texas, that Montgomery County as a whole is still a Republican friendly voting area and will remain red. Amy Hamrick Lewis, who is running for Democratic County Chair, believes that although across the county, voting leans red, Montgomery County is increasingly moving towards purple. She stated, 'We are definitely purple here in South County. We are not completely across the entire county but with our shifting demographics of more people moving in with Exxon and other businesses as well as voters who have turned off politics completely we can get those voters turned back on and they have democratic values.'

About The Whistle Stop Tour

For at least 30 years, The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce has hosted this wonderful event which allows candidates the opportunity to meet with the public, answer questions and present their visions of how they will improve those positions, those local or state areas and better represent their constituients. JJ Hollie, President and CEO of The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce stated, 'Today was an excellent opportunity for members of the Chamber and residents of Montgomery County to visit with candidates on the ballot for the March 3 primary. We were proud to host an event that supports our core focus of advocating for the community.'

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