Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Need of Foster Homes or Adoption

By: Montgomery County Animal Shelter
| Published 03/19/2020



Intake numbers are climbing and we need the help of the community. We know puppy and kitten season is just around the corner so PLEASE consider FOSTERING or ADOPTING a shelter animal during this time. Foster opportunities are available through the shelter or our rescue partners. Short term fostering has proven effective to increase the odds of adoption and it saves lives.

Please contact Courtney if you can help foster or have any questions.

832-702-4407 /

Struggling with social distancing?

Calling all extroverts and dog lovers...we can fill that hug quota at MCAS a few hundred times over! Come walk a pup, foster a cutie or adopt your new best friend. There’s no social distancing issues with our furry friends and we have hundreds waiting on homes! Annie has her bags packed and is waiting on you!

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