The Township Board Should Defer Consideration of Incorporation Until Covid 19 Is Behind Us

By: Mike Bass, Former Township Director
| Published 03/20/2020


THE WOODLADNS, TX -- The COVID-19 pandemic is the most critical event we have faced for many years. It will result in long-lasting damage to our local and state economy in its wake. Experts are now forecasting the negative economic effect from the crisis will be with us for many years to come. Until we all recover from the negative effect of COVID-19, now is not the time for our government to entertain any incorporation proposal that will result in higher costs and taxes. Our Residents and Business will have more important things to deal with for some time to come. Incorporation is not that critical for the foreseeable future,

In order to vote on the question of Incorporation during the November 2020 Election, the Township Board will need to call such an election my mid-August. Such a decision should be preceded by the planned resident public forums for the Board to explain their rational of incorporation, something still unexplained. Yet, how can these forums be held if, as projected, this pandemic continues through August?

The Township Board should defer any further work and action on incorporation until after the pandemic is well behind us and we have all recovered. Incorporation is not the most important issue our residents face. The Woodlands has plenty of time to consider if it should incorporate and when.

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