Wilson’s Appliances and Mattresses Focuses on Safety During Pandemic

By: Mike Hallaron
| Published 04/27/2020


CONROE, TX -- Wilson’s Appliances and Mattresses has announced new enhanced service offerings for its customers during the COVID-19 outbreak.

While Texas has endorsed extended “stay at home” guidelines for citizens not involved in essential industries, Wilson’s Appliances and Mattresses continues to deliver quality products and service to its customers, many of whom are relying on their home appliances more than at any time in the past.

During the extended COVID-19 public health crisis, many families are putting more wear and tear on appliances they might have only used occasionally in the past. With home delivery and repair more essential than ever, owner Ryan Wilson has had to adapt the normal practices of his business to account for additional social distancing and worker safety.

“As a top priority, we’ve taken our weekly deep-cleaning schedule and made it a daily function,” says Wilson. Our showroom has never shined like this before. Customers who come to our showroom are in for a treat.” In addition to safety at the showroom, Wilson reports that home delivery and service calls now include several layers of protection, both for customers and for his employees. “We’re doing all we can, with gloves and masks and safe distancing, to continue to deliver for our customers during this public health crisis.”

Wilson’s Appliances and Mattresses has chosen to remain open because the owners understand that appliances continue to need repair and replacement, regardless of the season. “We always talk about service, service, service” adds Wilson. “It wouldn’t make much sense to close down now when many of our customers need us most.”

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