The Woodlands UMC Alongside Impact Church of The Woodlands and Impact Church Atlanta Bring Hope and Direction to Many in the Midst of National Tension

By: Rachel Norton
| Published 06/05/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX – The Woodlands United Methodist Church hosted a virtual webinar and outdoor prayer gathering June 4, “in response to the tragic death of George Floyd and the ensuing events around the country.”

The Woodlands UMC and Impact Church of Atlanta, Georgia hosted the webinar at 4 p.m., titled, “Lamenting. Listening. Leading: How the Church Can Respond.” A panel of church leaders from around the country came together in discussion. The panel included Olu Brown from Impact Church in Atlanta, Georgia, Ed Robb, from The Woodlands United Methodist Church, Adam Hamilton from Church of the Resurrection, Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II, Dee Williamston, Great Plains Salina – Hayes District Superintendent, F. Willis Johnson from Living Tree Church, Tori Butler from Good Hope Union UMC, and Lo Alaman from The Woodlands UMC.

Adam Hamilton, who serves as pastor at the largest United Methodist Church in the country, said that he spent the last couple of nights at local protests in his area, walking with people, marching with people, and focusing a large part of his orientation on listening.

“Courage to be Christ’s witnesses isn’t just to tell people about Jesus,” He said. “It’s to witness to what Jesus believed in, who he was and what he stood for, and I want us to be people who have courage to stand and walk with people, to love people, and speak against systematic wrongdoing, racism, [and] racial bias in our communities.”

Lo Alaman, who is a pastor at The Woodlands United Methodist Church, said, “Our challenge is, as followers of Jesus, is to mentor, to step in, to have conversations about how we don’t just find outrage for injustice, [but] how we seek the justice of God and the governance of heaven in the midst of these times … It’s a daunting task but it’s the one I think we’re called to.”

To the watch the full webinar, click here to be directed to The Woodlands UMC’s homepage then scroll down to the label, “Lamenting. Listening. Leading.”

The prayer gathering, hosted by The Woodlands UMC and Impact Church of The Woodlands, took place under the evening sun at The Woodlands United Methodist Church Fairway. Pastor Ed Robb opened the gathering with this: “We’re here to pray, to ask for God’s mercy, to ask for God’s forgiveness, to confess to God any complicity that we have. We know that we are and can be a better people and with God’s help we’re going to be.”

Leaders from different local churches and organizations then prayed aloud. Lo Alaman prayed for self and complacency within. Dan Hannon, chaplin to Interfaith of The Woodlands, prayed for the, “forgiveness of our national sins.” Associate Pastor Melinda Thompson of Christ Church United Methodist, prayed for public servants. Dr. Roche Coleman, pastor of Impact Church of The Woodlands, prayed for society and for salvation, and Pastor Marcus Hayes of Crossroads Baptist Church prayed for a call to action.

“Go in God’s power, go in his provision, and be peace makers,” Hayes said. “We are the ones that we’re waiting for.”

Watch a video of the prayer gathering, here.

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