Montgomery County Sheriff's Office - Jail Division in Need of Books for Inmate Population

By: Montgomery County Sheriff's Office
| Published 07/07/2020


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX - The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office - Jail Division is currently in need of reading material for the inmate population. During individuals' detainment in the facility, reading materials are distributed weekly by request. Many individuals become avid readers while detained, and we want to encourage this behavior by keeping an ample supply of diverse reading materials in the jail's library. The jail's most popular book genres are westerns, science fiction, and contemporary. We also encourage the donation of easy-to-read books for individuals with lower reading levels.

The jail can only accept paperback books. Donations must be made to the jail, and not individual inmates. Books containing the below listed content will not be accepted:

• Content promoting criminal activity
• Content containing tattoo sketches
• Content containing weaponry
• DIY guides for light fixtures, computer programming, or wiring
• Explicit sexual content

Book donations may be shipped or hand delivered to the Montgomery County Jail, 1 Criminal Justice Drive, Conroe, TX 77301.

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