Conservative Business Pac Endorses Woodlands Township Candidate Chief Jimmie Dotson (ret.)

By: Conservative Business Pac
| Published 10/08/2020


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX -– While the Texas Pro-Business Coalition Political Action Committee is not alone among conservative PACs, it is among the few that was developed and founded by conservative, common-sense business people who are dedicated to electing political and governmental leaders who recognize that local business in America supports the economy.

Fed up with misinformation and manipulation of voters, The TXPBC-PAC, founded by Danny Signorelli and a group of local business owners and community leaders created the Montgomery County Chapter to educate voters and subsequently endorse candidates for the upcoming 2020 election. Included in the endorsed is Jimmie Dotson, a retired Police Chief, running for The Woodlands Township Board, Place 2.

TXPBC-PAC President Signorelli stated, 'The caliber of new candidates this year is superb.' He continued, 'The experience they possess, along with a fiscally conservative plan for the Board, and qualifications that are second to none, makes Dotson a perfect challenge for the incumbent he is running against. Ultimately, his attention to the functions of The Woodlands Township will save our Hometown.”

Fiscal Conservative, Jimmie Dotson is the new candidate for the Township Board Place 2 that the TXPBC-PAC is endorsing. He has a 46-year distinguished career as leader and public servant as a Marine, Executive Asst Chief of Police, Houston Police Department; Chief of Police, Chattanooga, Tennessee; and, Chief of Police, Houston ISD. He is a 30-year resident of The Woodlands. Dotson clearly excels in Law Enforcement experience. He wrote the police and safety management plan for the Woodlands Township in 2007 that is still used today.

Chief Jimmie Dotson will be the only Township Director with any experience in Law Enforcement, these skills are badly needed to aid in $13+ million policing budget. He will ensure The Woodlands and Woodlands schools will continue to be among the safest in Texas. Dotson has managed $100 Million Budgets in law enforcement, he actually knows the cost of policing a city and ardently rejects the notion that building police stations, courts, facilities, and doubling and tripling staff, pensions, and other runaway costs are anything more than an irresponsible waste of taxpayer dollars. Chief Dotson opposes higher taxes. He opposes bigger government. And he opposes incorporation.

Jimmie seeks to unseat the appointed incumbent, Jason Nelson. Nelson was appointed by Gordy Bunch and Bruce Rieser in a contested format that lacked resident feedback. Jimmie Dotson intends to bring transparency, independent thinking, and a strong voice to the board to represent the citizens of the Woodlands.

For more information about the Texas Pro-Business Coalition, those interested in the PAC can check out the organization’s website at Membership, Board, and endorsement information can all be found on the website. It will be regularly updated throughout the coming weeks and months.

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