Lovebeans Coffeehouse Serves Delicious Drinks and Treats While Charitably Serving The Woodlands Community

By: Rachel Norton
| Published 02/10/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- “We're here to spread the love,” said Beth Ferester, Owner of Lovebeans Coffeehouse in Creekside. The local café hosted a Valentine’s Market over the weekend, where small business vendors sold items including homemade candles, jewelry, almond butter and treats. Piney Rose Flowers & Décor sold stunning bouquets, and the coffeehouse itself sold their merchandise.

Lovebeans was formed in the name of giving back. After owning a successful Real Estate Business for 37 years, Ferester was looking for a way to repay the community that had given her and her family so much.

“We decided to create a gathering place where friends and neighbors could meet in a casual, friendly setting to share a hug, a story, a bite to eat and a delicious cup of coffee,” she said. “Along with wanting to create a wonderful synergistic environment for The Woodlands, we also wanted to give-back for all of our blessings.”

That’s why the entire profit they make from selling their Lovebeans merchandise goes back into the community. They pick a different local charity to donate it to each month!

“Love is sharing, love is giving,” Ferester said. “You know, it just gives joy.”

Lovebeans Merch Includes:
• Beth’s Cookbook
• Beanies
• Chocolate Spread
• Mugs
• Woodlands NIKE hats
• Bracelets
• Woodlands Car Decal
• Woodlands Tumbler
• T-shirts
• Tea Brewer
• Tea Set
• Vegan Granola
• Teas
• Wine
• Coffee Beans

Lovebeans tries to host local vendors once a week! Their extensive list of artisan coffee & tea is made for each person’s individual tastes. Click here to view their menu, or, visit their website for more info!

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