Winter Weather Alert - Mark Keough County Judge - Entergy Update - 2pm, 2/15

By: Mark Keough County Judge
| Published 02/15/2021


The Woodlands, TX - After a 2 pm call with Entergy here is an update. Entergy continues to work towards bringing online the three power generators in Willis which failed this morning due to freezing. Rolling outages will continue until power is restored to the grid.

I asked about getting houses who have been offline the longest back online first and was assured that was their goal. While Entergy is hopeful restoration or at least partial restoration will come back online this evening they still caution its not a certainty at this time.

Entergy has asked if you have power to conserve as much as you can now. When power does come online they also ask that we conserve as much as we can to allow more customers to come online as possible.

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