Parents help high school teams run smoothly

By: Doug Sarant
| Published 04/04/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Once in a while we'll throw an informative piece out there about what it takes to be the President of a high school team's booster club. You young parents who have elementary school kids, take note of the overall minutiae that is involved. As your children get older, you'll be asked to volunteer for the greater good of the organization. Your volunteering is what makes everything go smoothly. Don't be the parent that sits back and does nothing. The team needs you!

The following is a behind the scenes snapshot from the 2016 Woodlands High School Volleyball Booster Club President, Priscilla Primavera. Why 2016? Because Priscilla was a superstar!

'With volleyball, we hit the season running before school starts. As soon as tryouts are over - boom you are going. You have to get some order in the court so you can connect with the parents. The Booster Club board must be in place and everyone ready for action.

There is scheduling, Meet the Players (Lon Larson's famous photo shoot), food for the players for away games, website set up, T-shirt orders and distribution, concessions, Team Moms for each team to include Frosh, JV and Varsity. Team Moms are so important because they are the key to connecting everyone. There are sponsorships that have to be secured, Programs to make, hall signs, feeding coaches, singers for the anthem, announcers to announce and the list goes on, but so do the volunteers.

We have our Dig Pink Cancer event which involves Chic Filet Night, a bake sale and the longstanding tradition of 'Dig Pink Night' with College Park.

There are floats for the Homecoming parade to be created, teachers to be appreciated, locker rooms to be decorated and 'Little Sisters' to be embraced.

It seems daunting but as everyone starts volunteering for the various committees, it all falls into place. There are so many opportunities for people to get involved...and really that is what makes the program so strong.

Parents are what make everything fall into place and we have so many upbeat, creative and talented parents that are a bit phenomenal to watch. When they take on the job they were asked or begged to take, that's where the wow happens. There are a lot of wows happening all over the place throughout the season. It is the only way the program can flow.

The team booster clubs are as good as the parents make them. Talk about talented parents...we have them and they have a whole lot of heart and soul which puts a little magic into the season.'

I know what some of you are thinking. You want to stay out of everything so your kids don't think you're in the way. Well, when volunteering is done right, no one knows you're doing it. You just quietly go about your business for the greater good of all of the athletes. If you ever have any questions, you go to the booster club president. You never have to talk to the coaches because there are proper channels to go through. The only time a parent can make their athletes look bad is when they are constantly contacting the coaches about matters the booster club president can handle.

So you young parents out there, be ready to volunteer. You may want to look into being a Booster Club President or maybe just be available to work concessions. No matter how big or small, your contributions are so important as without the parents volunteering, the team could not exist.

We look forward to seeing you in the future making a difference in your athletes lives.

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