Drew Schulz of The Learning Zoo is Bringing Zoology and His Love of Wildlife To The Woodlands

By: Billy Adams
| Published 04/25/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX — When you go to The Learning Zoo website, you quickly understand that the mission statement posted on their home page is more than just words. Their mission reads to “encourage conservation, foster respect and appreciation for nature, and educate our community through personal encounters with wildlife.” For many people, this statement is just a good rule of thumb for interacting with our world, but for Drew Schulz, these words represent commitments, desires and hopes that are written down in the hearts of all true lovers of Wildlife. What we do in life is born out of our heart’s desire. And it is Drew Schulz’s desire to fulfill that mission.

In the end, we will conserve what we love, we will love what we understand, we will understand what we are taught - Baba Dioum

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The Nature of Animals and How We Interact With Them

There is something unique and special about animals. We love to observe them. We enjoy playing with them. Animals are fascinating and awe-inspiring creations of God. At times, they give us joy. In moments of loneliness, they provide us with companionship. And in the face of adversity, they provide us with security, assistance and a sense of belonging. At 25 years of age, Drew Schulz has become a local entrepreneur with a strong love and respect for wildlife. He dedicates his life to studying animals, and in the case of his company, The Learning Zoo, he shares his love of wildlife with The Woodlands community through one-of-a-kind animal educational events, zoo keeper apprenticeship camps as well as hands-on live animal programs and experiences. From birds and snakes to everything in-between, Drew Schulz truly is the go-to person for wildlife information and his company gathers those great experiences and offers them to the community through The Learning Zoo.

About Drew Schulz

Drew Schulz has been a resident of The Woodlands area for the majority of his life. He was originally from Hawaii, but his family moved to The Woodlands area when he was 4 years old. He volunteered to help handle animals for The Woodlands Children’s Museum when he was only 11 years old. This was back when The Woodlands Children’s Museum operated out of The Woodlands Mall. When the museum moved to their new location, they were not able to keep the animals, so Drew took on the responsibility of raising the animals himself. He is a proud homeschooler with a high aptitude for learning, a great understanding of complex topics and has a strong desire to apply his knowledge in exciting and productive ways. He truly enjoys caring for and studying animals. This joy helped him identify his calling in life and his mission to help people not only understand animals better, but help the community experience the joy of learning about and being around various wildlife. During his homeschooling years, he took dual college credit concurrently and was able to graduate with a bachelors degree in history at the age of 18. His masters degree is in liberal arts. He also attended the zoo animal technology program through the prestigious Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo in Gainesville, Florida, the only school in the world dedicated to training zookeepers in a 10-acre working zoo accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. His experience working with animals from various organizations includes being a keeper at a wolf sanctuary as well as working as an alligator trainer.

About The Learning Zoo

The Learning Zoo is the brainchild of Drew Schulz and was founded in 2020. When he was a kid, he loved to see animals up close and experience them firsthand. The Learning Zoo offers that same thrilling experience through exciting educational shows featuring live animals for birthday parties, preschools, homeschool groups, and Scout troops in The Woodlands, Texas and surrounding areas. The Learning Zoo presentations are geared towards fun, educational experiences, with the goal of all guests having hands-on encounters with their animals. They have a love for the community and along with their normal presentations and programs, they also work with special needs kids to allow them the opportunity to experience wildlife up close. Animals that are presented include Sugar Gliders, Kune Kune Pigs, Bearded Dragons, Iguanas, Geckos, Tarantulas, Pythons, and Tortoises as well as many other species. The Learning Zoo is a great way for the community to learn about beautiful and interesting animals up close and personal.

You can also participate in a “Zoo School” as well as other cool and wonderful Summer Camps and Weekend Workshops. VIP Tours are also available.

How You Can Learn More About The Learning Zoo

- View The Learning Zoo Website

- View The Learning Zoo Facebook Page

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