JCS SPORTS: Dragon Boys Track & Field Finishes First In SPC South Zone, Many Qualify For Conference Competition

By: Lynn Boeding
| Published 05/01/2021

Ben Currin: A Senior at The John Cooper School

THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Dragon Boys Track & Field Finishes First In SPC South Zone,
Many Qualify For Conference Competition.

Results from the week of April 26

4/30-5/1 at SPC South Zone*, St. John’s

Boys Results
SPC South Zone Champions

Coach Scott Holland: What a tremendous team title! We scored in 16 of 17 events. In seven events we had two score points and in four events–Shot Put, Discus, 110m Hurdles and 300m Hurdles we had all three entered score points. I am so proud of all the young men in the program.

4X400m Relay CHAMPIONS: Tanure Ewherido, Carson Hanson, Amir Rizvi, Jackson Kovin

Amir Rizvi: CHAMPION 300m Hurdles & 2nd 110m Hurdles

Connor Dove: 2nd Shot Put & 4th Discus

Ben Currin: 2nd Discus & 3rd Shot Put

4X800m Relay 2nd NEW SCHOOL RECORD: Vishnu Swaminathan, Will McDermott, Carson Hanson, Andrew Wilkerson

Jackson Kovin: 2nd 200m

Will Young: 2nd Pole Vault

Will McDermott: 3rd 800m

Nico Signorelli: 3rd Pole Vault

Owen Woodside: 3rd Discus & 5th Shot Put

Matthew Rock: 3rd Triple Jump & 5th Long Jump

Tanure Ewherido: 4th 400m

Daniel Schlichter: 4th Long Jump

Travis Birdsall: 4th 110m Hurdles & 8th 300m Hurdles

Andrew Wilkerson: 5th 800m

Michael Stupek: 5th 110m Hurdles & 5th 300m Hurdles

Jean Paul Labbe: 5th High Jump & 8th Triple Jump

4X100m Relay 6th :Ryan Cockrill, Gavin Schmidt, Tanure Ewherido, Jackson Kovin

Vishnu Swaminathan: 6th 1600m

Gavin Schmidt: 7th 200m & 100m

Ryan Cockrill: 8th 100m

Adam Elsolh: 8th 400m

Girls Results

8th Place Team
Amarachukwu Oguchi CHAMPION Shot Put & Discus

4X800m Relay Team 6th: Katie Drake, Abby Mendenhall, Chloe Smith, Megan Day

Hailey Lien 7th 100m Hurdles

Onese Ewherido 8th 400m

15 PRs for the boys and two for the girls.

Dragons Head To SPC Championships In Dallas

Coach Scott Holland: This year, the Zone Meet was used as a qualifier. The Top Four will go to a Southwest Preparatory Conference Championship Meet on May 8 in Dallas. I am so proud of those that qualified.

SPC Qualifiers

Amarachukwu Oguchi • Shot Put & Discus

Amir Rizvi • 300m Hurdles, 110m Hurdles & 4X400 Relay

Will McDermott • 1600m & 4X800 Relay

Connor Dove • Shot Put & Discus

Ben Currin • Shot Put & Discus

Owen Woodside • Discus

William Young • Pole Vault

Nico Signorelli • Pole Vault

Daniel Schlichter • Long Jump

Matthew Rock • Triple Jump

Travis Birdsall • 110m Hurdles

Tanure Ewherido • 400m & 4X400 Relay

Jackson Kovin • 200m & 4X800 Relay

Carson Hanson • 4X400 Relay & 4X800 Relay

Andrew Wilkerson • 4X800 Relay


4/30 vs St. Andrew’s* • canceled


4/26 vs Woodlands Christian • 14-5 L

Coach Mike Williams: This year we graduated 10 special young men that helped our program take the next step in our process. We might not have finished with the record we wanted this year but we achieved our goal of making the program better so future Dragons can continue to grow into young men of the game.

*conference matchup

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