Expected Rainfall for the San Jacinto River Basin May 17, 2021

| Published 05/17/2021


CONROE, TX - Current Forecast:

Rainfall is expected throughout Southeast Texas, especially mid-week. SJRA has been closely monitoring the forecast and has started 72-hour preparations for a possibility of 4-8” of rainfall across the Lake Conroe Watershed. We are in daily communication with the National Weather Service, Harris County Flood Control, the River Forecast Center, and local offices of emergency management. SJRA manages Lake Conroe storm releases any time the level exceeds 201 ft. msl, which will likely happen during this week’s storm. Be weather aware.

Seasonal Flood Mitigation Program

During the Spring and Fall, SJRA and the City of Houston partner on a seasonal flood mitigation program that calls for water releases to reduce Lake Conroe below its normal level of 201’ msl. During storm events such as this week’s predicted rainfall, seasonal lowering releases from Lake Conroe are temporarily suspended to allow Lake Houston and the West Fork San Jacinto River to be lower when the rains begin. As a result, there are no seasonal lowering diversions from Lake Conroe taking place at this time. The seasonal lowering program will resume after the storm event passes and Lake Conroe returns to its normal level.

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