Community members voice concern at CISD board meeting over mask mandates for students and Critical Race Theory course currently taught in classrooms

By: Rachel Norton
| Published 05/18/2021


CONROE, TX — “This is the forum to share your ideas, your thoughts with us, and we do appreciate everybody,” said CISD Board of Trustees President, Skeeter Hubert, at the district’s board meeting, May 18. His statement followed the citizen participation segment, in which over 20 students, parents, and tax payers voiced their concerns to the board.

The main sentiments echoed: A wanted immediate end to mask mandates for CISD students, and a call to discontinue the district’s Critical Race Theory course.

A CISD student opened the public forum with this, 'I call that in the future this board rescinds the use of all mask mandates in any way, shape or form, as they are in direct violation of Texas law, and the teaching of Critical Race Theory because future discrimination does not fix past discrimination, and takes swift actions against teachers who continue to force their views upon their students.'

This same student played a video that allegedly records a Critical Race Theory teacher within the district, speaking to her class.

The board meeting took place at Deane L. Sadler Administration Building in Conroe at 6:00 p.m., and was live-streamed on the district's YouTube channel. The livestream remains available - click here to be redirected to it.

Other items discussed at the meeting included:
• The proposal for an additional Academy of Science & Technology within CISD
• Submitted names for Conroe ISD’s upcoming campuses and facilities
• Updates on capital improvements throughout the district, including images of construction progress
• And the celebration of student athletes who performed tremendously at the recent State track meet

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