HS Softball Playoffs: The Woodlands lose nail biter in Game 2

By: Gunnar Luckoski
| Published 05/21/2021


NAVASOTA, TX -- The Woodlands 8, Bryan 9

The Lady Highlanders competed in game two of the UIL 6A regional semifinal against the Bryan Lady Vikings. The lady Highlanders would lose in a nail-biter against the lady Vikings, with a walk-off home run to win the game.

Unlike the previous game, the lady Highlanders drew first blood in the first inning with an RBI by Gabby Leach. However, they would not score another run until the third inning. In the third, Wiedenhaupt hit a grounder to the shortstop, allowing Falterman to score.

Going into the fourth inning, the lady Highlanders were down by one. This would all change with Falterman delivering a bases-clearing triple on a fly ball to left field, allowing Michalsky, Hale, and Jones to reach home plate. After this play, Gabby Leach was on deck. She would hit a fly ball to center field, and Falterman and Alannah Leach scored. By the bottom of the inning, the lady Highlanders were leading seven to three. Momentum was on their side and seemed there was no stopping the onslaught of runs.

Though in any sport, anything can happen. The pitcher, Saylor Davis (4 IP, 2 H, 4 R, 5 SO) would be relieved in the fifth inning. This factor, though not the sole reason, changed the outlook of the game. The lady Vikings would have seven runs combined for three innings, while in this same time the lady Highlanders only contributed one. The lady Vikings would win the game in the seventh inning with a walk-off home run.

The lady Highlanders fought hard but couldn’t capitalize on the batting opportunities given to them. Luckily, they will meet for game three of the series at Grand Oak High School Friday at 5 p.m.

Notable Players: Falterman (3 R, 2 H, 3 RBI), Gabby Leach (2 H, 3, 3 RBI 1 BB)

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