HS Softball Playoffs: The Woodlands falls short to Bryan in a heartbreaking Game 3

By: Gunnar Luckoski
| Published 05/22/2021


SPRING, TX -- The Woodlands 4, Bryan 5

In dramatic fashion, the Lady Highlanders battled against the Bryan lady Vikings in game three of the 6A regional semifinal. The lady Highlanders fought hard until the end but were unable to beat the lady Vikings. The game was plagued with rain delays and questionable calls by the umpires.

The lady Highlanders got on the board through a sacrifice bunt by Wiedenhaupt to allow Falterman to reach home. Also in the first inning, the lady Vikings would add two runs. After the first inning, no other runs would be scored until the fifth inning. Pitcher, Saylor Davis (7 IP, 5 H, 4 ER, 6 SO), helped maintain a defensive presence. More importantly, catcher Weidenkaupt could be seen commanding her teammates into position and as a motivating factor throughout the game.

The Lady Highlanders would break the drought in runs at the bottom of the fifth inning. Wiedenhaupt flew out to right field, allowing both Falterman and Alannah Leach to reach home. This would give the Lady Highlanders the lead going into the sixth inning.

The sixth inning was the most stressful and deciding factor of the game. Rain delays struck, with break after break due to the elements. Nonetheless, the lady Vikings would capitalize most in this inning by driving in three runs, giving them a five to four lead. At this point, the crowd was exuberant, with lady Vikings fans cheering and the lady Highlanders fans livid over questionable calls by the umpire.

The seventh inning was the most stressful for the lady Highlanders. They needed two more runs to tie the game up. At the top of the inning, the lady Highlanders held their ground by not allowing a single run. The bottom of the inning saw a glimpse of revival with Alannah Leach tripling on a line drive to right field and giving Falterman time to score. Though, after this run, the lady Highlanders would fall short just by a margin of one.

The Lady Highlanders end the season with a record of twenty-three wins and fifteen losses.

Notable players: Falterman (3 R, 2 H), Alannah Leach (1 R, 2 H, 1 RBI), Wiedenhaupt (1 H, 1 RBI)

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