US Congressman Kevin Brady’s 2021 US Military Service Academy Send Off Breakfast

By: Billy Adams
| Published 06/06/2021


A Woodlands Area Tradition

THE WOODLANDS, TX - Every year, US Congressman Kevin Brady holds a breakfast event that honors the young men and women that are beginning their quest to serve our nation as military officers. It is a great honor to attend the military schools and the individuals pursuing these careers are among the brightest not only in our community but also in the country. The event is a well-received tradition of Kevin Brady and has been held for as long as he has served in office. It is always his honor to host these types of events and the send off breakfast is a memorable occasion for both the students and their families. It was a reminder that the entire Eighth Congressional District of Texas stands with these young men and women who have been chosen to attend military academies for Naval, Air Force, Merchant Marine and West Point. They will eventually become leaders in the military and will be part of the 1% that protects the 99%. That is something to honor and respect.

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Keynote Speaker Broderick Moore

The send off breakfast was held at The Black Walnut Cafe on Saturday, June 5. The keynote speaker was Broderick Moore, a West Point graduate and commissioned second lieutenant. Broderick earned a Bachelor of Science in Space Science. He also earned the Theodore H. Maiman Award Excellence in Lasers and Optics. In addition, he earned the National Defense Ribbon, the Air Assault Badge and the Basic Army Space Badge. He is a graduate of The Woodlands High School and served in JROTC as well as group commander his senior year. He has been a resident of The Woodlands since 2005. In his speech, Broderick covered his time at West Point. It was an uplifting and inspirational account that included some humor and insight into the life he lived while pursuing his degree. He took questions from the group and provided us a window into his life as a West Point Cadet.

Academy Appointees

The following is the list of academy appointees.

Air Force Academy

• Dejana Bukovac
• Madison Campbell
• Curt Evangelister
• Preston Havenor
• Jonas Jonsson
• Fabrizio Pinton
• Katherine Schlather
• Donovan Rock (Attending AF Preparatory School)

Merchant Marine Academy

• Dillon Babbitt

Naval Academy

• Ethan de la Garza
• Anthony Kuveke
• Mia Martinez
• Alexa Riddle

West Point Academy

• Benjamin DeLoit
• Andrew Guerra
• Robert Wilson
• Zachary Winton
• Sydney Moore (Attending WP Preparatory School)

Academy Board

The Academy Board is comprised of 14 members. They include the following people.

• Lt. Col. Wendell Barnes - The Woodlands Texas
• Ms. Stacey Easter - Magnolia, Texas
• BGen. Hal Fruchtnicht - New Waverly, Texas
• Mr. John Jabblonski - Magnolia, Texas
• Capt. Walter Mardik - Montgomery, Texas
• Lt. Col. Champe Miller - Huntsville, Texas
• Col. Henry Cook - The Woodlands
• Mr. Derrick Shannonhouse - Spring, Texas
• Col. Oscar Sommers - Conroe, Texas
• Col. Dan McDaniel - Huntsville, Texas
• Lt. Col. David Yebra - Willis, Texas
• Col. Christopher Pike - Spring, Texas
• Col. Danelle Scotka - Huntsville, Texas
• Gen. Steven Hummer - The Woodlands, Texas

The send off event was opened by Lt. Col. (Ret.) David Yelba before Brady spoke to the students and families about the students and their military futures. The pledge of allegiance and invocation was given by Col. (Ret.) Dan McDaniel and the benediction was given by Lt. Col. (Ret.) Champe Miller. The annual event was a great success. It was a time to honor our country through the introduction of young men and women pursuing military service. It was also a time to help share in the memory of families sending their children off to accept the responsibility of being the 1% that protects the 99%. The students are all exceptional individuals. Their love of family and community showed in their conversations, but their love of country showed even more in their commitment to pursue leadership positions in various branches of the military. Kevin Brady created the event to bring attention to these great cadets and midshipmen, to honor their decisions and to offer and showcase the support The Woodlands community gives them. We stand behind these great men and women and the send off breakfast was a great way to show that support.

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