AKIRE Social Media Helping Businesses Build Traffic After Pandemic

By: Margie Taylor
| Published 07/22/2021


CONROE, TX -- As we all know, life can change quickly, and your business needs to be ready to re-think the way they reach potential customers. An online presence is imperative. If your business is not reaching customers through social media tactics you may lose revenue to your competition that can be found easily online.

The spotlight business for July at Office Evolution is A.K.I.R.E. Social Media.

Erika Neely is the Growth Revenue Consultant and Founder of A.K.I.R.E. Social Media. As someone who has grown up utilizing advertising to connect communities to events in high school and later through Electronic Media for Clear Channel and NBC. She has over twenty years of experience attracting attention in many different online platforms. Targeting your target audience and attracting the right person to respond to ads will generate revenue and a skill not everyone in business can do for themselves.

After attending college in Chicago, Neely sold ads for the Chicago Sun Times, placed ads for radio broadcasting with Clear Channel to drive traffic to businesses and to promote events, then went to Los Angeles as Director of Development and Communications with the Bresee Foundation, a nonprofit with a mission to battle poverty by empowering youth and families in Los Angeles with the skills, resources, and relationships necessary to thrive.

As a devout Christian, Neely and her mom moved to Houston to attend Lakewood Church. With her continued professional experience determining online digital strategies she started A.K.I.R.E. Social Media in April of this year to assist small businesses bounce back from the pandemic of 2020.

Services with A.K.I.R.E. Social Media include social media ad placement, Google ad placement, website management, content creation management, and email list collection and management. A.K.I.R.E. determines the targeted platform for your desired audience through a 15 minute consultation via video chat or in person.. Ad Placement varies as much as businesses do and a mature client will not be found on SnapChat, but may look on LinkedIn as an example. Social media platforms may include Google Ads, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, SnapChat, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Every ad placement is a strategy to promote leads on the platform where your target audience and drive traffic to your business.

“There is power in placing social media ads in the appropriate place, the correct eye-catching content and image, and at the right time”, said Neely. “I placed one sponsored ad on Instagram over Memorial Day weekend for a client ands he was surprised to get 8 new customers immediately before the weekend was over. That is huge!”

Office Evolution was not the first place Erika Neely looked for an office. But having found it, she could not be happier. She looked first at sites in The Woodlands. But like Goldilocks, it just did not feel right. The welcoming atmosphere from Tina Asma, the Office Manager, was the first impression that lasted.

“Tina is such a sweetheart. The office co-working space is very warm and inviting. I would not hesitate to ask a client to meet me here. The cleanliness is a nice touch, too”, said Neely. “Very professional and safe office space. When I was unhappy with the previous office space, I googled office space and landed here! Fortunately, I was also given the first month FREE!”
, there is no outcome which this system has not been able to deliver
Confirm your appointment with A.K.I.R.E. Social Media by going online to, call the office number at (936) 283-4110 or email for additional information.

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