Criminal Psychologist & True Crime Author, Frank Weber, will discuss forensics, his new book, and investigations, at Southern Star Brewing Co. Aug 7

By: Rachel Norton
| Published 07/22/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX — “You spend your day talking to serial rapists, it’s not like you can come home and tell your wife and kids, ‘Hey, guess what I did today?’ and traumatize your entire family,” said Frank Weber, Criminal Psychologist, and True Crime Author, noting how the typical gesture of discussing one's day couldn’t apply to him. Naturally, he needed an outlet, a way to get these heavy experiences off his mind; and so, he began to write.

“I’m a fan of a great mystery,” Weber said, “so I started writing and just putting the stories away.” In 2016, he assembled his work and sent it to a publisher, who was enamored from the start. Since then, Weber has published seven books, all of which are based on true crimes.

His connections and career have helped shape him into an ideal true crime author. After receiving his degree in Criminal Psychology, Frank began to work with victims in a large mental health clinic, one that also had programs for offenders. He became frustrated with the lack of accountability for these offenders and complained to Corrections, telling them that the program needed four crucial elements to be successful:
• One, better parole or probation officers to oversee their group work, who would issue a warrant and arrest them if they didn’t show up to their court-ordered classes.
• Two, many of these offenders were in relationships with women who had no idea of the types of offenses they had committed. These partners would be invited for couples counseling.
• Three, the offenders must take a class in healthy relationships. “These are people who've probably never been around a healthy relationship, and so when you ask them to develop one, they just can’t, they don't have basic information,” Weber said.
• And finally, to conduct mandatory lie detector tests or polygraph tests, so that there's a way besides the therapist’s opinion, to check up on their progress.

After relaying his ideas, Frank was asked to start a program including the aforementioned. He did so, and 97% of offenders who complete his program are never convicted of an offense again.

Weber is now the Clinical Director of CORE Professional Services, PA. “I’m the person who is called in to perform psychological assessments in homicide, sexual assault, and domestic abuse cases,” Weber said. “I’ve profiled cold case homicides for the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and narrated an investigative show on the Oxygen channel called Murder by Morning.”

Weber has recently been asked to speak on the show Snapped about his new book, Burning Bridges, based on the true story of a psychopath who terrorized a city for a couple of decades, before he disappeared. His actual criminal history is included in the book, along with a startling true-to-life ending. Intriguing still, Weber moved the timeline of the crime spree up fifteen years, so that it takes place among the chaos that ensued in 2020.

Weber will be at Southern Star Brewing Company Saturday, August 7, from 2:00 to 7:00 p.m. for a book signing and presentation. This free event is a chance to get your questions answered about forensics, learn about investigations, and hear what they get wrong on TV and in movies. He’ll also demonstrate a lie detector test on volunteers from the audience.

“It’s a great time! If you like great beer and mysteries, you’ll want to be there,” Weber said. Southern Star Brewing is located at 3525 North Frazier Street, Conroe, Texas 77303.

For more information, visit Weber’s website

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