Community Member Spotlight: Interview with Doug Sarant, Owner of 'It takes a village lacrosse'

By: Gunnar Luckoski
| Published 08/06/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- The Woodlands recently has been recognized as one of the best places to live in the country according to With this, it isn’t just the beautiful scenery or the multitude of things to do in The Woodlands that make it great. No, its also the people that reside within its pine-covered draping. An individual that comes to mind that truly exhibits selflessness and dedication to his community is Doug Sarant. I had the chance to interview Doug and get an insight on what he does for his community. For example, the past couple of years Doug created his own foundation called “It takes a village Lacrosse”. This initiative creates opportunities for youth and families in need both domestic and internationally while fueling the growth of the sport of lacrosse. Doug, like many others in this community was not born in Texas but he got here as fast as he could.

How did you end up living in The Woodlands? 
Living in New England, a childhood friend recommended I go to Sam Houston State in Texas as they had a good lacrosse program. So, within a week I was on a plane for the first time ready to start a new life. During my college career I met my future wife, Linda Brazil. Upon graduation, the only real job I could get was in Connecticut. Linda and I vowed to eventually live near each other as we knew we were soulmates for life. To make a long story longer, I was transferred everywhere BUT the Houston area for a few years. However, I finally got my wish and settled in The Woodlands which was perfect because Linda had just landed a teaching job within the Conroe Independent School District. This was awesome in that I fell in love with The Woodlands the minute I arrived. I had a soulmate, a job and a great place to live. I was finally in the perfect situation. 

How long has lacrosse been a part of your life?
Living in western Massachusetts, in 1971 the local high school had just started a lacrosse program. What came with that were clinics popping up everywhere to grow the game locally. If you were any kind of athlete, you attended these clinics because lacrosse looked challenging and fun. I loved it right away. However, I played baseball in the spring, so I never really played lax competitively until I attended a small high school (I attended four by the time I graduated) that didn’t have baseball. So, in answer to your question, Lacrosse has been in my life since the clinics when I was 10 years old. I’m 60 so 50 awesome years! 

What inspired you to create “It Takes a Village Lacrosse”?
In my opinion, Lacrosse is the most fun activity/sport a kid could ever get involved in. The problem with the sport is it’s too expensive. A full set of gear for a guy can be as much as $500.00. For the girl’s game, it can get as high as $300.00 and more depending on what kind of stick is used. That right there inhibits growth. I wanted lacrosse to reach kids whose families couldn’t afford such an expensive sport. Playing any sport adds so much to a young person’s life, such as new friendships, self-esteem and learning what it’s like to be a teammate. To learn how to value sportsmanship and just feeling like you are part of something and contributing is so huge to a young person’s personal growth. I thought that making the game accessible to every kid regardless of their financial situation would benefit young people and help the game of lacrosse grow. 

What is “It Takes a Village Lacrosse” mission statement?
To create opportunities for youth and families in need both domestic and internationally while fueling the growth of the sport of Lacrosse.

Rough estimate, how much lacrosse equipment have you given to other communities through this initiative? 
Including to communities all over the United States and to individual families, we are at 337 sets of gear given out. Also, tons of miscellaneous items such as cleats, balls, goggles and over 1000 uniforms to new programs. 
Do you have any volunteers that help you with “It Takes a Village Lacrosse”?
I pay high school students out of my own pocket when I need help with gear donations. It teaches them responsibility and how to be self-sufficient so as to not have to ask their parents for money all the time. 

How can someone get involved with “It Takes a Village Lacrosse” and or donate equipment?
Call or text 713-377-0712 or email We’ll either go pick up the gear or pay for its transport. To help pay for shipping, we also take donations for used gear. Sometimes, families can’t afford to buy new gear. We cut the cost by making buying used gear an option. Our non-profit application is in but not back yet as the process can take a while. So, people cannot write-off their donations as of yet. We hope this doesn’t sway potential donors. 

What other organizations are you a part of in The Woodlands?
Over the years, I’ve scribed for The Villager, Conroe Courier and various other Houston Community Newspaper outlets and websites to include Woodlands Online, Oakridgenow, thewoodlandstx, etc… Writing is my passion but I’ve never been able to really give it a go as I’m involved in multiple activities. I’ve announced for The Woodlands baseball and basketball and also the same sports for Oak Ridge HS. I co-founded The Woodlands HS lacrosse back in 1995 and stay involved by coaching at several levels of the boys’ and girls’ programs. For several years, myself and the present high school head coach, Keith Tintle went into CISD lementary/intermediate schools to teach lacrosse in PE classes to help grow the game. I’m a people to People International Leader. I take school kids all over the world in summers through President Eisenhower’s P2P initiative he founded in the 1950’s. I’m also a member of the Loft Church in The Woodlands. I also am a greeter/usher for the church.I’ve coached baseball at the Little League to high school levels. 

Last question. Will the Packers win the super bowl next year? 
Well, they’re playing all of their cards this year to win the super bowl. Everything is going into a last hurrah as it’s no secret their all everything QB, Aaron Rodgers will not be in Green Bay in 2022. 2022 will be a rebuilding year. Anything less than the Lombardi trophy this year will not be acceptable. 

For more details on “It takes a village lacrosse”.
Call or text 713-377-0712 or email

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