Road Project Updates

By: Commissioner James Noack- Montgomery County Precinct Three
| Published 08/17/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Gosling Road widening and bridge project slated to start this fall

Harris County awarded the contract to NBG Constructors in late July. The project is contracted for 429 days and is slated to start sometime this fall.

The $8.2 million project, a joint effort between Montgomery County Precinct 3 and Harris County Precinct 4 commissioner offices, will widen Gosling Road to a full four-lane boulevard between Creekside Forest Drive in Harris County and Gatewood Reserve Lane on the north side of the project in Montgomery County. It will result in two 12-foot lanes in each direction. The road pavement will be 10-inch jointed reinforced concrete with 8-inch stabilized subgrade.

The widening includes the construction of a 1,817-foot bridge crossing over Spring Creek for the two new southbound lanes. The existing bridge lanes will become the two northbound lanes. The sidewalk and existing 8-foot shoulder along the northbound side will remain. The new southbound bridge will have a safety shoulder for motorists to access in case of vehicle breakdown.

Traffic signal work starts along Rayford Road widening project

Project Update: Traffic signal construction work has started at two of the four intersections that will be signalized along the Rayford Road -Birnham Woods Drive widening and intersection improvement project. Workers are pouring foundations and placing underground cable at the Rayford Road-Harmony Woods/Allegro Bend Boulevard and Rayford Road-Harmony Creek/Harmony Forest Boulevard intersections.

When construction is completed, traffic signals will replace all-way stops at the following intersections:

• Rayford Road and Birnham Woods Drive

• Rayford Road and Harmony Woods/Allegro Bend Boulevard

• Rayford Road and Spring Trails Park Drive

• Rayford Road and Harmony Creek/Harmony Forest Boulevard

Pedestrian signal poles and crosswalks will be included as part of the intersection signalization.

In addition to the signal work, D&W Contractors is working on placing the rails on the bridge just east of Spring Trails Park Drive. The contractor also is working on the left-turn lane on the bridge from Rayford Road turning onto Spring Trails Park Drive.

D&W also is continuing with main lane pours while excavating and prepping for pavement at Birnham Woods Drive and Rayford Road. Residents should expect traffic delays and adjustments at the Rayford Road-Birnham Woods Drive intersection with the roadwork at that location.

Scope of project: The project will widen Rayford Road to four lanes from approximately 40 feet east of Waterbend Cove to approximately 400 feet east of Birnham Woods Drive. A new concrete roadway will be constructed on the south side of the existing Rayford Road lanes to create the two new eastbound lanes. The existing road will be for the two westbound lanes along that stretch. Left-turn lanes also will be added for eastbound and westbound traffic at most of the intersections.

The construction includes an additional bridge for eastbound Rayford Road traffic just east of Spring Trails Park Drive.

The project also involves constructing traffic signals at the Rayford Road intersections with Birnham Woods, Harmony Woods/Allegro Bend, Spring Trails Park Drive and Harmony Creek/Harmony Forest. Birnham Woods Drive also will be widened to four lanes from approximately 600 feet north of Rayford Road to approximately 600 feet south of Rayford Road. All four Rayford Road-Birnham Woods Drive intersection approaches will have a dedicated left-turn lane.

Contract length: The Rayford Road-Birnham Woods Drive widening, intersection improvement and signalization project started at the end of October. It is a 360-calendar day contract.

Beams placed, pavement work starts on Kuykendahl Road widening project

Project Update: Contractor WadeCon LLC recently placed all 24 beams on the new northbound bridge over Bay Branch and has started bridge deck work.

Concrete pavement also has been poured in two stretches on the north side of the approximately 1.5-mile-long project. These pours are taking place overnight and will continue on the south side in the near future.

Scope of project: The project will widen Kuykendahl Road from a two-lane half boulevard to a four-lane full boulevard from Lake Woodlands Drive to Research Forest Drive.

Project design includes construction of two 12-foot-wide northbound vehicle lanes from north of Lake Woodlands Drive to south of Bay Branch Drive with an 8-foot-wide outside shoulder along the new northbound lanes. There will be a new bridge constructed over Bear Branch for the northbound lanes that have the shoulder as well as a walkway, mirroring the existing bridge.

The two existing lanes will become the southbound lanes once construction is completed.

Contract: The project started in January 2021 and is a 365-calendar day contract to complete the job.

Flintridge Drive reopens

Contractor Teamworks recently completed the replacement of approximately 500 feet of concrete pavement along eastbound Flintridge Drive just east of the George Mitchell Preserve entrance.

While the road reopened to through traffic, the asphalt shoulder still needs to be replaced and striping completed. This may result in temporary lane closure once the asphalt contractor can complete the work.

The road repairs and replacement were necessary after the Woodlands Water Agency needed to repair a sanitary sewer line running along the shoulder that is several feet underground.

Asphalt Projects (Upcoming/Ongoing)

Rayford Road (East of Birnham Woods)
Contractor Vulcan completed the repair and replacement of asphalt along the two westbound lanes of Rayford Road in Benders Landing Estates.

Old Riley Fuzzel
Contractor Vulcan recently completed asphalt replacement on Old Riley Fuzzel Road in the Fox Run subdivision.

Dry Creek
Asphalt/road repair and replacement on Dry Creek should start sometime next month. Motorists should expect delays and possible detours during the work.

Striping Projects (Ongoing)

• Rayford Road (East of Benders Landing Estates)
Restriping of Rayford Road in Benders Landing Estates is almost complete, with stripers finishing up pavement markings and placing C/R reflectors.

Lane Closure Safety

A number of contractors, whether it be for utilities, landscaping or other work, frequently close off lanes of traffic while working. For closures on main roads, these contractors are required to have an approved traffic control plan through the county and corresponding proper traffic control devices set up to protect motorists and workers.

Residents who witness lane closures that they believe are unsafe or do not have adequate traffic control/signage are encouraged to call the Precinct 3 Commissioner’s Office at 281-367-3977 or send in information on the P3works app.

Commissioner Noack’s Office is committed to ensuring safe travel on Precinct 3 roads and will shut down lane closures that are unapproved or not properly set up.

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