Introducing Middle School Mash-Up!

By: The Woodlands Christian Academy
| Published 08/27/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- On Friday, Aug. 20, students in grades 5-8 gathered together in the Ruth Auditorium for the first-ever Middle School Mash-Up! The event is designed to bring all of middle school together under one roof on a regular basis to help foster its identity and culture.

“I want middle school to be a place where joy permeates who we are, and when students reminisce about their time in middle school, they will remember something unique and special,” new MS assistant principal Mr. Crowley said.

Middle School Mash-Up will be a place to recognize and celebrate one another and what is happening on campus. To kick-off the new year, middle school was split into three teams and challenged with a cake decorating contest. Teams were tasked with designing a “back-to-school” themed cake and weaving in a biblical message. Students representing each team worked on the cake as Mr. Crowley emceed the event and introduced all the MS teachers. Both teachers and students were thoroughly engaged in the event that was filled with dancing, shouting, cheering and laughing.

When asked about the purpose of the activity, Mr. Crowley replied, “Whether it's academic, character related, athletic, or creative arts, I want to highlight the gifts and abilities God has given us. Middle school is an extremely challenging time socially, and students need a safe space to laugh and feel joy while being united. I want a place where the students can have fun – where they can relax and enjoy being a kid. While we are celebrating, we can find joy in one another and leave encouraged.”

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