Montgomery County Fire Marshal's Office Bomb Squad responds to a suspicious package in River Plantation

By: Montgomery County Fire Marshal's Office
| Published 09/21/2021


CONROE, TX --UPDATE: Just before 5pm on September 21st, 2021, Montgomery County Firefighters and Law Enforcement were dispatched to reports of a suspicious object on the side of the road in the 500 block of Brandon Rd in the River Plantation subdivision. Caney Creek Firefighters and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputies secured the area and requested that the Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office Bomb Squad respond.

The investigation is ongoing after an unknown person or persons placed a “Hoax Bomb” near a roadway in the River Plantation Subdivision

MCFMO Bomb Technicians analyzed the suspected explosive device utilizing their training and equipment, and ultimately decided to neutralize the object in place. After the device was rendered safe, it was determined that it consisted of a backpack and materials, purposely built to appear to be a bomb. The manufacture or possession of a hoax bomb is a criminal offense. MCFMO Explosives Investigators and their Federal partners are conducting a criminal investigation at this time and anyone with information is asked to contact the MCFMO at (936) 538-8288.

Montgomery County Fire Marshal's Office Bomb Squad responded after what appeared to be an improvised explosive device was discovered today in the River Plantation subdivision.

Working with the Montgomery County Sheriffs Office, the area was secured and our Officers evaluated the device and rendered it safe. While it had been built to look real, it was determined to be a hoax device.

The investigation into this CRIMINAL OFFENSE is ongoing and anyone with information on the person or persons responsible for building this device are asked to contact the MCFMO at 936-538-8288.

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