Inside the Dynamo|Dash Youth Academy

By: Julio Varguez
| Published 09/30/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX –- Driving around The Woodlands can sometimes get confusing because of the ordinances put in place back when it was a young township. These “rules” put on by the township made the Woodlands a beautiful place to live where none of the signs or buildings impeded with the natural scene. Unfortunately, while driving around you miss many things you would normally stop for. The Dynamo|Dash Youth Academy is one of them, which is hidden right off one of the main roads.

Bear Branch Park is set up in 2 sections, one right across the street from the other. Where one has a skate park, tennis courts and a rec center, the other has enough fields to be broken into smaller ones for kids and adults that want to kick, hit or throw a ball. These fields are host to hundreds if not thousands of kids, parents and family members throughout the week and sometimes the weekend hosted by the Dynamo|Dash Youth Academy.

Simon Boddison, Director of Soccer Operations, was in The Woodlands for the tournament happening the same weekend. Hundreds if not thousands of friends, family, players and many more were there to watch some soccer. There are different clubs within the program for all ages but one in particular is the TOPS program. When asked when this was created Simon said, “We took over the club in 2005, and there was already a TOPS program here from our former president.” And it has been going on since.

There can never be enough youth sports, it gives value to a kid, and also teaches them so much while playing a fun game. The TOPS program is more involved because of the physical limitations of the players, whereas the other programs are more formal but there is one goal in common. “They have to come off the field with smiling faces,” said Simon about the Dynamo|Dash Youth camps.

This is also a great place to help and volunteer within your community. Helping kids or setting up fields are the most important aspects of the game. Keith Johnson, equipment manager for the TOPS program, is an essential part of this program. He has not only been playing since he was 5 but has appeared in over 100 games with the US team as well as the Paralympic Games in Athens and London. Also, not to exclude his other appearances which include 4 World Cups and 2 Para-Pan American Games.

To Learn more about the Dynamo|Dash Youth Academy and to volunteer, see the links below or contact them here.

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