Milstead Automotive Raises $819 At Fall Kick-Off For Ford Elementary

By: Cyndy Rivera
| Published 10/04/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Milstead Automotive hosted a family fun day on Sept. 11 to raise funds for Ford Elementary.

The Milstead companies matched the proceeds with a donation to give Ford Elementary a total of $1,503.13.

'We want to help offset some of the personal spending that teachers are having to do to stock their classroom,' Milstead Automotive President Amy Milstead said. 'This event had a great turn out, we're so glad we were able to help and raise money for the teachers and students in need during this pandemic. We're just thankful to get to do this for them since they do so much for the students.'

According to the survey by, teachers are spending an average of $750 of their own money to supply their classrooms so their students can succeed.

'Teachers go above and beyond for their students. They deserve all the help they can get so they can have all the resources available so their students can be successful.' Milstead Automotive Marketing Coordinator Caitlin Wills said.

The Fall Kickoff did include a hot dog eating contest, pony rides and vendors who had items there for sale. There was food being sold and also had a drop off section for donations and school supplies. All the donations and proceeds collected from food sales, vendor booth fee and raffle tickets will all go to the school. There was no charge for door entry.

'We had fun day for families to come out and enjoy,' General Manager Jeff Collins said. 'This event had a good turn out to collect school supplies and have them donated for the school and a good way for families to come out and enjoy themselves.'

The event took place at Milstead Automotive, 29707 W Hawthorne Drive, Spring, Texas 77386, on Sep. 11. from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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