OPINION: Incorporation will preserve The Woodlands

By: Ana Cosio
| Published 10/21/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Preserve the Woodlands, that is just what will happen if you vote to become a city. The developer, other high funding businesses continue to inundate emails, texts and PAC (Township Future and Preserve the Woodlands) propaganda hoping you will believe their misinformation. Magically appearing every election cycle hoping the Woodlands residents will believe their lies.

Incorporation will not increase taxes, thanks to a robust e-commerce, the financial report by Monique Sharp, Township’s Financial manager, documented, remains the same at $0.2231, as last year’s.

Efficient high quality, expected amenities services will not decline as The Township has prefunded with $30 million in its Capital Replacement Reserve Fund. The Township also has signed contracts with different entities to ensure a smooth transition.

Becoming a city, we gain control our roads, be a respected partner in decision making on roads and rights-of ways. We currently do not have any control or are excluded in decisions.

Incorporation is not new, several boards have studied governance. This current Novak study began back on Aug 10 2017. Incorporation is not being rushed. The study was totally complete (without latest tax numbers from MCAD) by 2020 before COVID halted discussions.

The Village of Creekside would highly benefit as our seamless services under a new City of The Woodlands would include their needs, not separated by county lines as it now stands.

Seniors and Disabled would receive a tax freeze, if taxes decrease, they will decrease.

Become a City, be recognized by the United States Treasury which doesn’t recognize the Township to receive federal help with COVID expenses. We lost out on $5.8 million in CARES Act funds and $30 million through ARPA. YOUR TAX Dollars are only being given to cities. A city is a government entity recognized , which we are NOT.

Get the Facts, don’t be misled.

Ana Cosio
Woodlands resident

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