HS Football: College Park Seeks Playoff Spot With Victory Over Oak Ridge

By: Julio Varguez
| Published 10/30/2021


THE WOODLADNS -- Week 4 of 13-6A district football kicked off Thursday with Grand Oaks and Willis at Woodforest Stadium where Grand Oaks left with the victory. The next day was Friday Night Lights where The Woodlands was facing Conroe at Buddy Moorhead Stadium and at the same time, at Woodforest Stadium College Park was taking on Oak Ridge. Both of these matchups could be blowouts but more than likely they should be close games with the Woodlands teams being the favorites.

The first half of the game between College Park Cavaliers and Oak Ridge War Eagles was surprisingly quiet with no one scoring in the first quarter. Although the game was quiet, the War Eagles were gifted some game changing fumbles and turnovers, two of which were tipped up in the air and caught by the defense. Being a powerhouse team, the Cavaliers made the War Eagles work to get down the field and close to the red zone. None of the turnovers resulted in any conversions for points due to the brick wall College Park put up.

As the first half was close to ending, Oak Ridge made one last effort to the end zone but was stopped once again by the Cavalier’s defense. This made the momentum shift to the Cavaliers as their defense left the field and switched with special teams. Oak Ridge attempted a field goal where they were finally successful and in the lead for the first time in the game. The College Park Cavaliers left the field trailing by three but as in many past games, they would come back from the locker room with a different plan of action.

The second half was a complete one-eighty with both teams coming out more aggressive and motivated to win the game. Coach Madison said, “Who ever wins the second half is going to win the game, so let’s win the game and clinch a playoff spot.”

The Cavaliers turned up the heat and made some huge plays towards the end zone giving them prime spots to put some points on the board, which they did. Oak Ridge responded and once again was leading the Cavaliers 10-7. The district once again is not an easy district. Each sport is a grind especially football with 2 ranked teams in Texas, who have played some of the best in the nation. It’s not so much of a moral victory for some teams, but when they lose to some of the best teams, its a good thing in a way gaining that experience to use for the future.

Ty Buckman of the College Park Cavaliers, put more points on the board at the beginning of the 4th and the lead changed once again, 14-10. With the final minutes creeping down, Oak Ridge had one last drive to make it work and win the game. They made some huge plays and found themselves in Cavalier territory where with one good lob they would reach the end zone. Unfortunately for Oak Ridge, that one good lob was picked off by College Park with less thank a minute left, securing the win for the Cavaliers (14-10).

The final games of district play are the big rivalries between the schools. War in the Woods is The Woodlands versus College Park and Battle of the Oaks is Oak Ridge versus Grand Oaks. These games should bring the most fans and the loudest student sections.

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