HS Football: The Woodlands Highlanders Win Streak Continues

By: Woodlands Online Sports Staff
| Published 10/30/2021


CONROE, TX -- The Woodlands Highlanders visited the Conroe Tigers at home for the 4th week of district football. They had one thing on their mind, and that was to finish out the season undefeated and clinch the district title. Conroe on the other hand has come off a loss against College Park and is trying to shake that off and knock down the Woodlands powerhouse.

The Highlanders started off down 10-0 and had to come back against a quality football team. Unfortunately, turnovers hurt the Tigers and the Highlanders came back to take the lead in the first, 17-10. “You cant have 3 turnovers verse a quality team like the woodlands” said coach Hardeman of the Conroe Tigers about the first half.

'We didn’t play clean so we put ourselves in a hole but, I’m proud of them [Conroe Football Players] and I hope they learn that when they play clean, they can play with anybody,” said coach Hardeman about the game against the Woodlands.

Coaches always have critiques no matter if it is a win or loss, which helps any good player get better. “We are a good football team, we’re not good enough not to finish games,” Coach Rapp of The Woodlands Highlanders criticized the teams overall playing and continued, “We had a pretty nice lead and we didn’t finish.”

The Woodlands scored 3 more touchdowns in the second half but didn’t score after that. Conroe capitalized on this by making a run to try to gain the lead. Unfortunately, it was short lived due to time and turnovers as well as some big stops by the Highlander’s defense. The Woodlands defeats Conroe 45-32.

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Conroe Tigers - Coach Hardeman
The Woodlands Highlanders - Coach Rapp

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