Sterling Total Wealth Solutions end-of-year client event had everyone asking, WHODUNNIT?

By: Rachel Norton
| Published 11/03/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX — Sterling Total Wealth Solutions end-of-year client event was an old Hollywood, estate-themed murder mystery event, where guests dressed their best while working as a team, looking for clues, and playing detective. With the help of The Murder Mystery Company of Houston and The Woodlands Country Club, Sterling made sure everyone had a KILLER time.

Sterling Total Wealth Solutions is a Wealth Management firm that prepares its clients for the future by looking beyond the numbers. They provide more than a portfolio, instead offering ongoing financial coaching and investment monitoring to continually serve you as your situation changes.

Holistic financial planning is the key to gaining control of your financial life in a comprehensive and healthy way. Common goals addressed in their financial plans include:
• Retirement planning
• Tax-advantaged investing
• College funding
• Estate planning
• Investment management
• Cash flow management
• Risk management

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