32nd Annual Run Thru the Woods - The Tradition Continues Rain or Shine

By: WOL Staff
| Published 11/25/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX – For over 30 years the Run Thru the Woods race has been traditionally held on Thanksgiving morning in The Woodlands, rain or shine. The 32nd annual race is presented by Gullo Family of Dealerships and hosted by the YMCA with a goal of bringing the community together and strengthening the bond between the community. With over four thousand runners, joggers and walkers, the race for a cause brings out people of all ages to race for a cause in hopes to support their community.

The one mile, three mile and five-mile race as well as an additional 3-mile walk brings together all ages from 3 years old and up. Since this is a family event, it was important to just have fun and enjoy the holiday with friends, family and the community. Congressman Kevin Brady officially opened the race with some opening words and a prayer. The Oak Ridge Color Guard helped represent the flag as the national anthem was sang before the race began.

As the races set off, smiles cheers ran through the trees encouraging the runners to have fun while they navigated their way through the Woodlands streets. Then the rain came dropping tons of water on the course and knocking out power to the finishing line blow up. Despite the lack of power, the YMCA volunteers banded together and continued to help clear stuff from getting wet and encouraging the racers to finish the race.

No rain was going to stop the runners as they crossed the finish line soaked and with smiles on their faces. Texas Children’s Hospital the Woodlands, St. Luke’s Health the Woodlands, Alight Solutions, and Houston Methodist the Woodlands were some of the sponsors of the race. As each of the runners and walkers finished the race, they were greeted by some of the volunteers and given a medal for their participation.

Over the past 30 plus years, Run Thru the Woods has raised over two million dollars for charity to help hunger and less fortunate individuals around the community. Rain or shine this event will always go on to bring the community together. Special thanks to Roxanne Davis, event coordinator of the Woodlands YMCA for putting on this event this year.

Race Results

1 Mile Race


1st - Caden Powell - 00:06:04
2nd - Carter Russell - 00:06:08
3rd - Adam Winiesdorffer - 00:06:22


1st - Haven Baker - 00:06:53
2nd - Bree Mallette - 00:07:03
3rd - Caroline Gracey - 00:07:12

3 Mile Race


1st - Harris Ledbetter - 00:16:06
2nd - Hunter Hendry - 00:16:45
3rd - Bradon Arrant - 00:17:12


1st - Gabrielle Hoots - 00:17:42
2nd - Stoya Laydevant - 00:18:29
3rd - Robyn Kowalski - 00:18:51

5 Mile Race


1st - Adam Johnston - 00:26:16
2nd - Spencer Cardinal - 00:27:13
3rd - Will McDermott - 00:27:20


1st - Valerie Byers - 00:30:05
2nd - Cali Werner - 00:30:10
3rd - Sarah Rimel - 00:30:46

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