HS GBB: College Park Steals Win From Bryan in Final Seconds

By: Julio Varguez
| Published 12/20/2021


THE WOODLANDS –- A lot can change from year to year with High School sports. One year there is break out stars and the next they graduate and move on to college. This year the College Park Lady Cavaliers have struggled with only three wins in the books. Last year was a positive season but some crucial seniors graduated leaving College Park to start from scratch. Eventually they will build back up and become a huge threat in the division once again.

The Bryan Vikings similar to the Lady Cavaliers with only a few seniors on the team and many new faces. The game began sluggish with many errors and missed baskets on both ends of the court. Taler Thornton (#24) on the Vikings came out big in the first quarter posting up 7 of the 12 points for Bryan. While Gracie Garcia (#2) posted up some long distance 3 pointers giving her 6 out of the 9 total points.

College Park once again struggled in the second quarter with many missed baskets and turnovers. Bryan locked them up on offense and ran through their defense scoring another 10 points to College Parks 6. The half ended with a score 15-22; Bryan wasn’t playing exceptionally well but each team had a hard time finding the basket.

The 3rd quarter buzzer sounded and the same struggling offense and defense from the Lady Cavaliers appeared as Bryan’s “one more time” passing kept the ball at distant draining the clock. College Park’s Gracie Garcia (#2) and Ara Odelowo (#14) were the only ones to put up baskets and free throws up in the 3rd quarter making the game 23-32 going into the 4th.

The Lady Cavaliers, down by 9 going into the 4th, had a hill to climb to take the lead and win the game. Unfortunately, the outcome was looking more and more like a victory for the Vikings but, the Cavaliers let loose and lit up the boards. Gracie Garcia was on fire from the 3-point line and drained a couple of much needed baskets as College Park began their comeback. Bryan seemed to back off and struggled at the other end of the court. A lid was put on their basket and College Park took advantage by posting up 20 massive points to Bryans 8 in the 4th. With 2 minutes left in the game, the Lady Cavaliers tied the game up and forced many fouls including a technical with only 20 seconds left on the clock. College Park ended up with a huge comeback and defeated Bryan with a 43-40 victory.

Gracie Garcia posted up a huge 25 points and came through in the clutch when College Park thought they were down for the count. Ara Odelowo made it to 12 points and used her tall frame to fight for rebounds and contributed to the 4th quarter run.

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