Sprinkles ATM Now Open At Market Street In South Breezeway

By: Alicia Whitley
| Published 12/21/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Cupcakes, anyone? A delicious new addition has debuted at Market Street - The Sprinkles ATM. Fresh cupcakes are now available on-demand 24 hours a day.

Adorned with the iconic, colorful dot, Sprinkles prides itself on providing specially sourced ingredients for fresh baked, quality cupcakes.

Sprinkles cupcakes are available at the ATM, which located in the south breezeway, near Uni Sushi. Individual cupcakes may be purchased for $5.99 and 4-packs may be purchased for $24.

Fresh cupcakes are replenished each morning, and include individual cupcakes with red velvet, vanilla, black & white, strawberry, and sprinkles flavors. A 4-pack includes a mix of red velvet, black & white, strawberry and sprinkles varieties.

For additional details on Sprinkles cupcakes, please visit

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