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By: Billy Adams
| Published 01/11/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX – The restaurants we visit in The Woodlands area have unique perspectives on how they serve the community. The food, atmosphere and service all play an integral part in shaping our dining experiences. And the reason for visiting a restaurant is not quite as important as what we take away from that experience. A great experience is what tends to bring us back. Herb & Beet provides one of the best dining experiences in The Woodlands area.

Who is Herb & Beet?

Herb & Beet is a locally inspired, Fast-Casual Restaurant bringing Farm-Fresh food to The Woodlands, Texas. Putting a sophisticated spin on seasonal grub, they celebrate the vast diversity of Texas by offering you some the state’s finest! From their House-Smoked Brisket & Locally Farmed Vegetables, to Hand Crafted Beverages & Boutique Texan Wines, they deliver upscale food and service in an efficiently progressive way! They make nearly everything in-house, every day, using the freshest ingredients they can find!

They are located at:
448 Sawdust Road
The Woodlands, TX   77380

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Herb & Beet in The Community

Herb & Beet is a local casual dining option that has helped define what being a true community-focused restaurant means. The owners of Herb & Beet, Josh and E’Leece Lorey, not only plan everything down to a tee in their kitchen, but the kitchen is just a starting point. Serving the community is something they hold dear to their hearts and they live out that desire every day. The following is some cool tidbits about Herb & Beet that you may not have heard about.

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Herb & Beet Offers Greater Menu Options

Herb & Beet is known for great food. They offer southern Texas style options with a California flair. From brisket-filled egg rolls, hickory smoked cobb salad and sun deviled eggs to the best ciabatta bread sandwiches in The Woodlands, Herb & Beet can definitely bring the taste.

Did you know that Herb & Beet also offers unique menu options for special dietary restrictions? Josh and E’leece knows that there are residents that have certain dietary needs and crafted a menu to address those needs. If you are avoiding gluten, Herb & Beet has you covered. Are you a vegetarian or vegan? Have you had a hard time finding a good restaurant that offers great vegan cuisine? If so, you will enjoy the various options at Herb & Beet.

Josh Lorey mentioned that in addition to the brisket options for their meals, they also offer a vegan option to replace their meat called jackfruit. Herb & Beet smokes the jackfruit like their brisket and when done, it has the texture and feel of pulled pork. It is a great substitute for meat and although it is hard to find jackfruit in this area, it is one of the great options always available at Herb & Beet.

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Herb & Beet Outside The Kitchen

We asked Josh and E’leece what community projects they have initiated or participated in since opening in 2018. Herb & Beet has made themselves available to The Woodlands area community in a deep and meaningful way. The following are just some of their projects:

- During the Covid-19 pandemic, Herb & Beet created a local grocery store at their restaurant called ‘Herb & Market’ that allowed people to pick up various produce and meat. This gave the community another grocery option close to home as well as help Herb & Beet’s partner companies that provide locally-sourced food. Click here to learn more about their grocery store they created during the pandemic:

- During the pandemic, Herb & Beet provided weekly meals to workers at the Covid-19 wings of both St’ Lukes Hospital and The Woodlands Methodist Hospital during the pandemic. ?

- Herb & Beet provided meals for local fire stations during the pandemic.?

- Herb & Beet was one of the pivotal food providers for Woodlands Online’s continuing broadcast of CISD High School Football at Woodforest Stadium. ?

- In early July the Houston Outlaws decided to host a private event watch party at Herb & Beet in which 80 of their vaccinated fans packed the restaurant for their rivalry game against the Dallas Fuel followed by a meet & greet with the team after the match.

- In September Herb & Beet got back to their “pandemic roots” by providing free catered lunch to 20+ hardworking nurses/staff at the COVID-ICU of St. Luke’s The Woodlands Hospital. Click here to view a Facebook posting detailing the St. Luke meal donation

- Herb & Beet has some of the highest online ratings for a restaurant. Herb & Beet has 4.8 stars on Doordash, 5 stars on Grubhub, 4.5 stars on Google Reviews, 4 stars on Yelp, and 4.6 stars on Facebook.?

- Herb & Beet Offers a Pet Friendly Patio so feel free to bring your four-legged friend! - Homemade dog treats may be available upon request

Herb & Beet Visits the New York Stock Exchange

Toast Partnership

About Toast

Launched in 2013, Toast powers successful restaurants of all sizes with a technology platform that combines restaurant POS, front of house, back of house and guest-facing technology with a diverse marketplace of third-party applications. By pairing technology with an unrivaled commitment to customer success, Toast helps restaurants streamline operations, increase revenue and deliver amazing guest experiences. Toast was named to the 2019 Forbes Fintech 50, 2019 SXSW Interactive Innovation Finals, 2019 Forbes Cloud 100, and recognized as the third fastest-growing technology company in North America on the 2017 Deloitte Fast 500. Learn more at

Herb & Beet’s Partnership with Toast

Herb & Beet have been very strong advocates for TOAST since their inception and have continued to strengthen that partnership throughout the pandemic which paid dividends in 2021! One example occurred in April when they were invited to work behind the scenes with TOAST’s internal IT development team to help streamline the customer questionnaire for their upcoming Restaurant Revitalization Fund application being coordinated with the SBA.
In June, TOAST flew out a private film crew to shoot a promotional marketing video at Herb & Beet and interviewed Herb & Beet about their TOAST Capital lending program. They finally saw the footage when they received an unsolicited email from TOAST with a glowing customer testimonial video promoting its lending program while featuring Herb & Beet’s story to the company’s 30k+ restaurant clients.

Herb & Beet was 1 of 15 Toast companies that were picked to fly out to New York when Toast was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. They were chosen from thousands of other clients due to their help with the development of the Toast product. It was an amazing experience and they were able to meet other unique restaurants from across the country.

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