Seeing Double: Kuykendahl Expansion is Finally Completed for Woodlands Commuters

By: Woodlands Online Staff
| Published 02/02/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- When Montgomery County Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack announced that the latest round of Kuykendahl Road expansion was completed, Woodlands Online staff wasted no time in hopping behind the wheel and traveling the 1.5 mile stretch of road between Lake Woodlands Drive and Bay Branch Drive.

Travelers between Lake Woodlands and Bay Branch now get to enjoy double the lanes

This extension of Kuykendahl has a colored history; for decades, it didn't exist: Kuykendahl northbound ended at Lake Woodlands Drive. There was no north-south connector from that point on unless you wanted to try FM 2978 to the west or Gosling to the east.

Several years ago, Kuykendahl was expanded north up to Research Forest, but with only one lane in each direction; additionally, construction crews did their thing and the road finally extended all the way north to FM 1488, making one of the very few -- if any -- unbroken passages between Houston and Conroe.

Since just before pre-COVID times, commuters on the stretch of Kuykendahl between Lake Woodlands and Research Forest who had to be content with a single lane in each direction suddenly were giddy with the reappearance of backhoes and tractors. At long last, Noack's plan to double the lanes and capacity was in full effect; not an inconsiderable task considering bridges had to be built due to the topography surrounding Bear Branch.

A couple of weeks ago, drivers grumbled about a bait-and-switch when construction ended on the additional lanes, but they were still blocked off with bollards (traffic cones) to finish the turnarounds spaced throughout the medians.

Finally, February dawned with the traffic cones picked up and the final expansion of Kuykendahl to four lanes -- with an eight-foot northbound shoulder was well -- was completed.

On-the-scene reports from WOL staff indicate that the speed limit remains at 40 miles per hour; however, it appears that the extra lanes translate to greater speed to some drivers. We here at Woodlands Online encourage drivers to maintain the speed limit -- and the school zone right around Bay Branch -- to keep up an atmosphere of safe driving and no traffic tickets.

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