Cardiac Kids AKA Lady Highlander Lax earn another revenge win-this time over Klein in sudden death

By: Doug Sarant
| Published 03/03/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- The Woodlands Lady Highlander lacrosse team is on a sugar-high having just defeated Klein on Tuesday, 11-10 at Gosling Sports Park in The Woodlands and then Memorial 12-11 this evening in Houston. Along with the previous Lamar revenge win by the slimmest of margins combined with this week's two OT wins, do we dare call this close knit team, The Cardiac Kids? This brings their record to 6-0 on the season atop the Houston area District standings. The only thing that could possibly be sweeter to these young athletes would be to send them to the Candy House on Glen Loch with a blank check.

The Woodlands took down Klein in one of the most exciting lacrosse games you'll ever see. To cap the game off, Klein had an 8 meter penalty shot in OT of which Lady Highlander netminder, Jesse Cole promptly stuffed and then proceeded to race downfield as if she were being chased by the cops after just ripping off a guitar at Music-Go-Round on Sawdust Road. Upon finishing the 70 yard sprint, she dished the ball off to frosh, Tabi Reardon who then struck paydirt past Klein's All-District keeper, Katelyn Andrews.

It took exactly three seconds for the whole team to mob Reardon on the field and then the party ensued. Usually, when you attend a party everyone is having fun laughing and joking. At this party though, everyone was crying happy tears as it was the biggest win of any of their collective careers at any level of lacrosse. In 2021, Klein and Lamar were the teams to beat and you already read about the glorious Lady Highlander W over Lamar. This was revenge win #2 for the Lady Highlanders. big was the Klein win to these young ladies? Ask Co-Captain, Jesse Cole...

'It's been a long time since The Woodlands girls have shut down Klein lacrosse...and man did it feel good! We fought so hard for the win, and I'm so proud to be a part of such a passionate, hard working group of girls. Klein put up a tough fight, and parts of the game were so stressful they've been blacked out of my memory. Tuesday night was 100% the most intense game of our lives, I am so excited to keep pushing forward and getting better and better each day. States, here we come!'

To make things all the more perfect for The Woodlands, this was played on Senior Night in celebration of Mia Kouletsis, Lola Killidjian, Lea Niznik, Liberty Hasselgren and Meredith Hunter.
All five of these celebrators did great things on their special night,
Liberty played tough defense in front of Cole making Klein earn everything.
Mia and Meredith were absolutely relentless attacking from behind the goal thoroughly testing the Klein defenders. Don't you know the Klein defense had to be winded early in the second half?
Lola played tough defense and did a great job transitioning the ball. This was undoubtedly Lola's best game of the season and she plans to up her game every time out.
Lea was rock solid all game long as the Klein defenders are very physical and she stood tough through it all. Lea was a true warrior.

The most important item when talking about the seniors would be the great leadership they continue to display day in and day out.

Coach Amy Markwort is proving she can coach as good as she was a player. You're not getting a history lesson on it but suffice it so say the coach was an excellent player to include her time at Dartmouth. She and her staff made adjustments at the intermission in particular in defending the 8 Meter free position shot. This was a strategy that paid dividends in the second half.

Rayne Dobson and Ashleigh Dixon worked the two-man game exquisitely. These two prove every game how valuable they'll be for the lucky colleges that are smart enough to grab them. NOTE: Dobson was snatched up by move!

Ava Miocic stepped up with huge draw controls at crucial times. A freshman, Ava transferred in from the Dallas area and has been lighting it up every time she steps on the field.

Dixon came up huge once again with another in a long line of unselfish performances with two goals, five huge assists, three draw controls, two ground balls, an INT and a Caused TO.
Dobson lit the lamp three times to go along with a caused TO and an INT.
Killidjian had two GB's and a caused TO.
Kouletsis had two GB's and always attracts the best defenseman the opponent has.
Cole made 11 saves and cleared successfully in double figures. She also earned a caused TO.
Marin Nordenstam chipped in a goal, an assist and a caused TO.
Reardon earned two goals, two draw controls and three GB's.
Niznik had a goal and a caused TO.
Hunter had a goal and an INT.
Avery Cox contributed a draw control, an INT and two caused TO's.

In being approached by an anonymous Lady Highlander fan, they mentioned that every team that has ever won championships has had at least one wake-up call along the way to keep their heads straight. He added that these girls are riding a hot streak and they haven't learned how to face adversity yet. Someone needs to tell them to remain level headed. I disagreed vehemently. NOT FACED ADVERSITY? They have now played three huge one goal games in which they were up...then they were down...then they were up...then they were down...then they were up...UP-DOWN-UP-DOWN-UP-DOWN! I said they experience wake-up calls about ten times a game...AND they have won each game. The range of emotions these girls and their coaches have faced already is enough to fill up the next five lacrosse seasons.
GOODNESS GRACIOUS! ...haven't faced adversity? Get a life!

Look for the Lady Highlander OT win over Memorial article soon. I'll give it away. Dobson got the game winner.

See you at the next game. You can count on it being exciting! The Cardiac Kids will not disappoint!!!

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