HS Softball: Magnolia Contested Grand Oaks’ Lead with Late Rally

By: Woodlands Online Sports Staff
| Published 03/17/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX -– In the final game of the non-district season, the Grand Oaks Lady Grizzlies host the Magnolia Lady Bulldogs at Grand Oaks High School. This St. Patrick’s Day matchup was part of each school’s Spring Break so it was earlier in the day. Grand Oaks looks to see any imperfection before their district opener against the strong College Park Lady Cavaliers.

In the opening innings, Magnolia struggled to connect with the ball due to Kourtney Bellinger’s, of Grand Oaks, strong pitching. As Magnolia left many runners on base, Grand Oaks capitalized, by bringing in three within the first three innings. Grand Oaks’ defense stopped many of Magnolia’s attempts but it was the pitching that saw many strike outs and forced checks on the ball.

The bottom of the fifth inning saw the first of 2 rallies in the game. This first was from Grand Oaks as they connected and hit tanks into the outfield. Kaetlyn Dunbar (#24, GO), Avery Pemeberton (#12. GO), and Allie Hagebusch (#2, GO) all brought in batters to increase the Grand Oaks lead. Magnolia finally was able to see the three outs to bring the game to 6-0.

The second rally came from Magnolia as Grand Oaks put in a new pitcher to close out the game. Magnolia answered by bringing in a total of four runs and loading the bases for almost the entire inning. Once again Kourtney Bellinger stepped in the pitcher’s ring, and close out the inning for Grand Oaks. Magnolia’s rally contested the 6-0 lead Grand Oaks built, bringing them within two.

With tensions high, Magnolia connected and hit a tank outside the fences in the top of the seventh. Unphased, Bellinger loaded up and continued to throw heaters down the middle. With a 6-5 score, Magnolia once again connected with a pitch but unfortunately it was popped up to the infield. Bellinger started the game with the opening pitch and ended the game fielding the pop fly from Magnolia. Final score 6-5. District starts for Grand Oaks on Tuesday, March 22nd against College Park.

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