Country artist Ariel Hutchins celebrates third straight No. 1 song in Texas with “The Cowboy He Will Be”

By: Amy Barnett
| Published 03/18/2022


CROSS PLAINS, TX -- What started out as a song to pay tribute to her young son and his passion for ranch work and rodeos became the third consecutive chart topper for country artist Ariel Hutchins. “The Cowboy He Will Be,” is now the No. 1 song on Texas country radio.

Hutchins cowrote “The Cowboy He Will Be” with songwriter Greg Young. It’s a song from her heart and one that has certainly made an impact on the hearts of moms across Texas and beyond.

“I’ve had so many moms tell me this song meant the world to them. I’ve been sent videos of sweet little kiddos singing or rodeoing with this song. This feeling is unexplainable,” said Hutchins. “Having a No. 1 song is priceless. But going into music, it was never about the No. 1s. For me it was about putting music out there that fans can relate to.”

She feels honored to claim the role of “rodeo mom” and raise her children in Cross Plains, Texas, population 1,035, where others also find value in the cowboy lifestyle.

“I am blessed to be from such a small town where everyone is like us. Everyone ranches and has horses in Cross Plains,” said Hutchins.

Now that Hutchins has celebrated her third chart topper, she is releasing her fourth single, “Tequila for Two,” a duet with singer Mark Powell. Download it wherever you get your music. Visit to find out when Ariel Hutchins will be playing a show near you.

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