The Baylor University-sponsored ‘Dr Pepper Hour Tour’ hits Woodlands Christian Academy

By: Sean K. Thompson
| Published 04/05/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX – In 1953, a staff member of Baylor University decided to serve “frosted Coke” to students in the still-new Student Union Building’s Barfield Drawing Room. The informal gathering offered students a chance to socialize and escape the typical school day. What started as a whim turned into a multi-decade tradition that over the years has morphed into a combination social hour / recruiting event.

69 years of floating a good idea

For 69 years now, every Tuesday from the event still takes place in the Barfield Drawing Room. Originally known as “Coke Hour,” the event switched to “Dr Pepper Hour” in 1997 when the Waco-born beverage became one of the university’s official soft drinks. However, administration officials this past year decided to take the event on the road.

So now, in addition to the on-campus event, a trailer fully stocked with Dr Pepper float makings travels from high school campus to high school campus all over the nation, enticing students to enjoy both delicious treats and what Baylor might have to offer them for their continuing education. This week, The Woodlands Christian Academy was their latest stop.

David Humphrey, Baylor regional admissions counselor for the Houston area – “We’re excited to be here at The Woodlands Christian Academy as part of our latest tour where we’re spending the spring semester visiting schools all over Texas. This is a great combination of Waco native soda Dr Pepper and Texas native Blue Bell Ice Cream, and it’s a lot of fun to continue this tradition for all these students. I was at Baylor from 2015-2019 and working there since then in this role. Baylor ‘got’ me the same way along with all the university’s other fun traditions.”

As part of this inaugural tour, this particular group started in Waco and hit some schools in Dallas and east Texas; San Antonio and Austin are next on their itinerary, and then they are crossing state lines to hit Denver, Colorado.

At this local event, dozens of TWCA students enjoyed an outdoor flavor fest as they mulled their future university plans that now just might include Baylor. “We’ve seen a lot of interest, so it’s a really great response along those lines,” said Humphrey.

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