Nam's Family Violence Center Offers Support for Sexual Assault Victims

By: Stephanie Pena
| Published 04/05/2022


HOUSTON, TX -- Throughout the month of April, the Family Violence Center (FVC) at Northwest Assistance Ministries (NAM) observes Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) by working with the community to raise awareness and prevent sexual violence.

There’s a good chance someone in your life is a survivor of sexual harassment, assault, or abuse, even if they have never shared their story with you. Mark your calendar for the upcoming dates to observe and show your support for survivors of sexual assault.

April 5, Teal Day – The first Tuesday in April is the SAAM Day of Action. Show your support for survivors of sexual harassment or abuse by wearing teal – the color of sexual violence prevention. By wearing teal you’re signaling that you support survivors and are a safe person to talk to if they need to reach out.

April 6, Start by Believing Day – Most victims of sexual assault never report the crime to law enforcement, often because of the responses they receive from friends and family members. The Start by Believing campaign looks to end the silence by changing the way we respond to sexual assault.

Knowing how to respond is critical because not believing or doubting or shaming victims who speak out fosters an environment where perpetrators face no consequences and remain free to assault again, and many re-offend, often multiple times. While there is no specific phrase that needs to be said, the message should convey that you believe and support the victim.

April 13, Black Dress Day – Show support for sexual assault awareness by wearing black.

April 27 – Denim Day – Raise awareness and show support by wearing jeans on this day. The Denim Day campaign arose from the outrage following an Italian Supreme Court decision in 1998 to overturn a rape conviction because the victim was wearing tight jeans. The court ruled that because of the tightness of the victim’s jeans the perpetrator could not have removed them without her help, implying consent was given. The next day the women in the Italian Parliament came to work wearing jeans in solidarity with the survivor and in protest of the injustice of the decision.

Survivors of sexual assault need support, guidance, and encouragement. If you know someone who is suffering, encourage them to reach out. NAM’s Family Violence Center has many resources for victims and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 281-885-HOPE (4673) or toll free 888-750-HOPE (4673). For additional information and resources, visit

The Family Violence Center is dedicated to breaking the cycle of violence by assisting victims of domestic and sexual violence through crisis intervention, long-term support services, and through community violence and awareness prevention education. In the fiscal year 2020-2021, the FVC received more than 4,500 hotline calls from victims in crisis and individuals seeking assistance. They also offer year-round programs, workshops and different events that bring awareness to the domestic violence problem in the area.

Northwest Assistance Ministries is a non-profit, community-based social service agency that strives to meet basic human needs through Neighbors Helping Neighbors. NAM provides assistance in areas such as food, shelter, health, education and domestic violence awareness and intervention. During its last fiscal year, NAM touched the lives of more than 136,000 people through its many programs and services.

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