Teach For America Houston Offers Suggestions On How To Show Appreciation For Teachers

By: Laura Frnka-Davis
| Published 04/27/2022


HOUSTON, TX -- May 2nd through May 6th is Teacher Appreciation Week and a great way to express thanks to teachers for all they have done for students, especially the last two years in the midst of a worldwide pandemic.

If you’re looking for some meaningful and cost-efficient ways to thank a teacher, Teach For America Houston, a local nonprofit that works to expand educational opportunities for all children provides a few ideas:

• Encourage your student to write a note or draw a picture for their teacher. Even a simple message like “thank you for being my teacher” will mean a lot.

• Send an email with what you appreciate about your student’s teacher directly to them and copy their principal.

• If your schedule allows, offer to help teachers in their classroom with new bulletin boards, end-of-year classroom clean-up, being a guest reader, or in whatever way they might need.

• Ask your teacher what their favorite coffee, breakfast, or sweet treat is, and let them know the day you will bring it in.

• Snap a quick photo of your student with their teacher and then frame it. The frame can be store-bought or made of construction paper and markers, but the teacher will appreciate it for years

• Gift cards to Starbucks, Target, Amazon, or somewhere else your teacher enjoys are always a welcome gift.

• As the school year goes on, supplies begin to run low. Ask the teacher what school supply they are most in need of and send them some reinforcements.

• Have your student make a craft for the teacher– paper flowers, beaded bracelets or necklaces, or a painted mug would be received with love.

• If your child’s district or school actively uses social media, consider sharing a shoutout and tagging the district or a school leader’s public, professional account.

• Ask your school if there are specific ways they are celebrating teachers and participate in whatever way you can.

“The importance of teachers and schools has been magnified in the last two years as society has recognized how much we rely on them to keep our children safe, seen, and supported. This Teacher Appreciation Week is an opportunity to show all educators our gratitude for the work they choose to do and give them back some of the love they show every day,” said Lauryn Cruz Meier, director of school impact for Teach For America Houston.

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