HS Softball Playoffs: Oak Ridge Shuts Out MacArthur in Game 1

By: Julio Varguez
| Published 04/28/2022

Ella Boyer hits single homerun over centerfield wall. | Oak Ridge vs MacArthur | 04.28.22

THE WOODLANDS, TX –- Oak Ridge hosted MacArthur Thursday for their best of three Bi-District tournament. The winner would move on to the Area Round in the UIL Softball Tournament.

Right off the bat, Oak Ridge was hot as they read the pitcher like a book. Making hits and stealing bases. They jumped off to an early lead by the first inning and didn’t look back.

Unfortunately for Oak Ridge, pitcher Alexia Villegas took a bad step and irritated her left knee. This was a huge disappointment as she was able to retire MacArthur in 2 innings.

The third inning was huge for Oak Ridge. Not only did they sub Villegas for Savanna Conway, they also scored the most points. Ella Boyer, the Oak Ridge catcher, hit an absolute nuke over the centerfield wall just out of reach of the outfielders.

Oak Ridge was also able to read MacArthur pitcher like a book and make small hits, increasing their lead, 7-0.

As a mercy rule in high school softball, if a team is winning by 10 runs by the 5th inning, the game is called. Oak Ridge was able to retire MacArthur in the top and scored the final run off of a base hit.

Oak Ridge leads the series 1-0 and will head over to MacArthur’s home field Friday.

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