MCAS Needs Help to Try and Empty the Shelter

By: Montgomery County Animal Shelter Texas
| Published 05/10/2022


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX -- Montgomery County Animal Services (“MCAS”), like many shelters across the country, is facing overcrowding. We are proud to partner with the BISSELL Pet Foundation and the Humane Society of Montgomery County to have over 60 dogs and cats transferred to shelters in the northeast. Our MCAS pets were also joined with another 60 dogs and cats from various shelters in Louisiana that flew to Connecticut on May 7th. The Connecticut Humane Society was the lead receiving shelter and they coordinated with nine other shelters and rescues not only in Connecticut, but also Delaware, New York and Vermont to place these animals. The amazing Animal Rescue Corps assisted with the planning and loading of the animals for this flight.

“Transport is a lifeline to at-risk adoptable pets as shelters throughout the nation struggle with overcrowding,” said Cathy Bissell of BISSELL Pet Foundation. “BISSELL Pet Foundation is incredibly grateful for our shelter and rescue partners who have opened their doors to give these deserving pets a second chance.”

“MCAS, as well as most of our area shelters, is overcrowded. There are many reasons for this overcrowding: seasonally early litters of puppies and kittens, reduced number of adoptions, limited access to spay/neuter services during the pandemic as well as increased salary competition from other employers impacting our staffing levels,” said Aaron Johnson, MCAS Director. “We are grateful for the BISSELL Pet Foundation and the Humane Society of Montgomery making this life-saving flight happen. It is only with help from these organization and our community at-large, that we can address these issues head on. I would also like to thank the hard working staff and volunteers that care for our animals day in and day out. On Flight Day our team was hard at work starting at 4:00am for the loading of the animals at MCAS before heading to the airport! Most of our team members had to continue a full work day after the loading was complete. Amazing, they are!”

Given the success of BISSELL Pet Foundation’s “Empty the Shelters” event, MCAS will also be offering $0 adoptions for all cats and dogs through Sunday May 15th.

“Shelters across the country are over capacity, and highly adoptable pets are at risk as we face one of the largest crises in recent years,” said Cathy Bissell. “BISSELL Pet Foundation is calling on people to visit their community shelters during ‘Empty the Shelters’ to save a life through adoption. Without you, there is no tomorrow for these deserving pets.”

“Please come visit our shelter today and find a new family friend to adopt. We are grateful for every adoption that puts an animal in a loving home,” said Aaron Johnson. “If unable to adopt at this time, please explore opportunities to foster, volunteer or donate to MCAS.”

For more information on “Empty the Shelters,” visit or or you can email:

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