HS Girls Water Polo: The Woodlands Reach State Championship for the Last Time

By: Julio Varguez
| Published 05/11/2022


HOUSTON, TX –- The University of Houston was host to the TISCA (Texas Interscholastic Swimming Coaches Association) Water Polo State Championship. This will be the last time this organization will host the State Championship. As Water Polo becomes the newest UIL sport Coach Joe Flesch must pass the reins off to a CISD coach.

The UIL brings in more rules and regulations but also better manages the time and places where the sports are able to be played. It also gives the opportunity for the sport to be seen in more areas where it wasn’t before. Having the UIL overlook the sport give it the ability to expand and have more interest.

The Woodlands Water Polo team has been around for a while but it hasn’t been to the state level since 2016, where it was still a young sport. The girls all rallied together throughout the season and reached the farthest the team has been.

As their first game started, nerves overwhelmed the team but it wasn’t until their first goal where Coach Flesch could relax. At least they didn’t get shut out and could just build from there. Unfortunately, Brazoswood High School had a strong team and came out on top in the first day.

In a typical UIL state championship, the top from each region go to state but in this case, the top 8 went and so they played a multi-game state championship. For The Woodlands, they were excited to be there but didn’t reach the top bracket.

The Woodlands was able to win their second game and finish 9th overall in the State. A huge accomplishment for the young team. The future for the girls is unknown but knowing The Woodlands, their next coach should be able to take them to the playoffs again.

Keep an eye out in the fall for the newest UIL inducted sport, Water Polo.

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