Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office recognizes dozens of everyday heroes at its annual Promotion & Awards Ceremony

By: Sean K. Thompson
| Published 05/18/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX – Hundreds of law enforcement officers and personnel, their families, and congratulatory members of the public gathered at the Lone Star Convention Center in Conroe for the annual Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Promotion & Awards Ceremony. This event has been designed to acknowledge those who have shown exceptional and outstanding merits that exemplify Sheriff Rand Henderson’s goals for the agency.

Local law enforcement is exalted at evening event

MCSO Lt. Scott Spencer emceed the event, calling out the names of numerous law enforcement officers, support staff, civilians, and community figures for special recognition. The first award was to Daniel Norris, who celebrated 35 years of service – and also his birthday on the same date as the event. Next came recognition for those who had served 30, 25, 15, 10, and five years of service with the Sheriff’s Office.

Next on the evening’s agenda was the slate of promotions of dozens of officers from Patrol East Division, Patrol West Division, The Woodlands Township Division, Executive Division, Criminal Investigations Division, Administrative Services Division, and Law Enforcement Services Division; additionally, recognitions were given to several officers in Patrol West Division and Homeland Security Division.

Once the promotions were handled, it came time for the awards part of the evening. A slew of Community Action Partner Awards were handed out, with a Special Recognition going to Law Enforcement Help Desk Supervisor Sid Stephens.

Sheriff Henderson then handed out the coveted PACT Awards, named after his office’s four guiding principles: Professional, Accountable, Compassionate, and Trusted. After this section of the evening, dozens of Unit Citations were given to officers, detectives, and several telecommunicators.

A special round of awards was handed out next; the Sheriff’s Awards, including the Life Saving Award to several deputies and detention officers, the Purple Heart to Deputy Corey Cooke – who received a standing ovation – for wounds suffered during a gun battle, the Meritorious Service Award to Payroll Coordinator Amber Ivey and Lieutenant Anderson Rick, and the PACT Award of Excellence to Detective Max Fruchtnicht and Detective Michael Lee.

After the awards were handed out, a special presentation was made to the man who had presented so many awards himself that evening: the Montgomery County Sheriff Citizens Academy Alumni Association presented Sheriff Henderson with a check for more than $152,000, representing the pay rate for the thousands of volunteer hours the organization had overseen in 2021.

Elected officials who attended the event included Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough, and State Representative Will Metcalf.

“It’s remarkable; I couldn’t ask more,” said Judge Keough. “It’s a dream to be able to be the county judge in such a location such as this. With this kind of quality of law enforcement, it’s remarkable. I look all over the state, and I know that all of us struggle with issues. But I have to tell you that Montgomery County has got it wired. Sheriff Henderson has done a tremendous job with his office. And that high standard is prevalent across the board; the constables, deputies, district attorney, the whole bunch is just so awesome.”

Henderson practically beamed with pride when asked about the men and women under his command who had received awards throughout the evening.

“It’s a great day when you’re able to recognize and award our employees who have worked so hard throughout the year,” said Sheriff Henderson. “They endure a lot of criticism in the national media, but not so much here at home, though. They’re valued here in this conservative community that is Montgomery County, so we have an opportunity to also thank them for the work they do day in and day out.”

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