HS Softball Playoffs: The Woodlands Force Game 3 Against Midway

By: Julio Varguez
| Published 05/20/2022

The Woodlands vs Midway | Game 2 - Regional Semifinals

Madisonville, TX -- The Woodlands and Midway met for the second time at Madisonville High School. After a 1 run loss, The Woodlands needed a solid performance to stay in the playoffs and force a game 3 against Midway.

It didn’t start out too good for The Woodlands as Saylor Davis loaded the bases by walking a couple of batters. But in a stroke of luck, she was able to retire Midway back to dugout and prevent an early lead. Last game, The Woodlands struggled to find the strike zone and walked many batters.

The Woodlands luck would continue as Alannah Leach and Kaelyn Zusi hit some tanks out of the park in the bottom of the 1st inning. Leach brought in 2 and Zusi hit a solo homerun to the parking lot. This gave The Woodlands an early and comfortable lead going into the 2nd inning.

Unfortunately for The Woodlands, Midway would heat up and rally in 5 runs in the very next inning. With a couple of hits and a 2-run home run, Midway took the lead from The Woodlands. Saylor Davis struggled to find the ump’s strike zone and left the circle before more runs could be scored. Chesney Davis took over for her sister and retired the rest of the batters back to the dugout.

Coach Borths could be heard saying, “it’s a long game, we still have time,” to the girls as their momentum started slowing.

In the bottom of the 3rd is where Saylor Davis’ name was once again mentioned. This time it was cheering and yelling as she hit a bomb out of the field with the bases juiced. With the Grand Slam, The Woodlands took back the lead and Saylor redeemed herself.

The Woodlands would shut down Midway’s hitting and not allow another run for the rest of the game. In the bottom of the 5th, again, Saylor Davis would hit another nuke out of center field with 1 on. Kaelyn Zusi would also hit her second home run of the game, and bring another run in. This gave The Woodlands a 14-5 lead going into the top of the 6th.

The Woodlands shut down Midway and found themselves with 1 run left to end the game. As Midway intentionally walked Saylor Davis, The Woodlands hit a ground ball to the infield and walked on in, ending the game and forcing game 3 of the series.

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