Woodlands Weekend Weather – Roman candles and rolling thunder

By: Woodlands Online Weather
| Published 07/01/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- We’re heading into a long holiday weekend, and the weather just might cooperate with us enough to enjoy each day in its own way.

Thunderstorms will vie for attention with the weekend fireworks

Even though we expected a lot more rain earlier this week, it’s finally coming into town. Our copious cloud cover will ironically lessen throughout the day as the chances of thunderstorms increase. Our high will only hit 86 this afternoon, giving us some much-needed relief from the heat (but be warned; the moisture in the air will make it feel like it’s in the mid 90s, so keep hydrated if you’re outdoors). Winds will remain moderate throughout Friday.

Overnight, we may be treated to some natural fireworks displays in the guise of thunder and lightning. Our overnight low of 76 will actually hit shortly after Saturday sunrise. The storms will get a little more sporadic and finally wander away in the early Saturday evening. The high will creep up to around 93 but our low once again will be in the mid 70s, giving our nighttime air conditioning a breather.

Sunday will dawn to mostly sunny skies, and the heat will make short work of the wet roads, hitting an afternoon high of 97. There will be a brief spike in cloud cover in the afternoon, but an increase in winds from the southeast will kick them out soon enough, and it should end up being a fine day for our July 3 festivities spread throughout The Woodlands.

As we roll into Independence Day Monday, the winds will die down and we’ll enjoy mostly sunny skies with a high in the mid 90s (but with a humidity factor that will raise the head index to 104, so once again be prepared for the elements with water, sunscreen, and floppy hats). We’ll still be around 90 degrees when the fireworks start booming.

The July 4 weather will set the tone for the rest of next week. Stay tuned for weather updates from Woodlands Online, and be sure to check us out on Monday for our “Week Ahead” forecast.

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