Spice Up Your Plate with Truluck’s Seasonings

By: Cynthia Smoot
| Published 07/28/2022

Photo Credit: Truluck's

THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Since 1992, Truluck’s has provided memorable dining experiences, offering guests the ocean’s finest sustainably sourced seafood, remarkable cocktails and wines alongside the most hospitable service both inside the restaurant and in our communities. Truluck’s Director of Culinary, Brian Wubbena has created three signature spice options to transform honest ingredients into a restaurant-quality meal. Intensify your foods natural flavors with their Blackened seasoning for a piquant punch or try a few dashes of the Superior Steak Seasoning for an herbal, crunchy sea salt tang. Versatile for any protein or veggie combination, their Garlic and Herb Seasoning delivers a bold bite every time. Each jar offers 3.2 ozs. at $9.99 each and are available to purchase at

Cooking a “perfect” steak is a daunting task for most people but there’s no reason to be scared. A world class steak requires two things – 1) high quality meat and 2) Truluck’s Superior Steak Seasoning. If you have those two things, you’re good to go regardless of the cooking method. It doesn’t matter if you grill it, broil it, roast it, sear it or what have you.

When most people think of Cajun cooking, they think of blackened seasoning. This famous cooking method was a Paul Prudhomme signature and became really famous in the 1980’s. Blackening something properly is easy to do as long as you know what you’re doing. First things first, blackened does not mean burnt. It may look dark brown or almost black but there is a big difference between the two. So, how do we do it right? It begins with Truluck’s Blackened Seasoning and quality seafood, chicken or meat. Pretty much anything can be blackened.

Fresh seafood is so delicious. It doesn’t need a whole lot to jazz it up. The idea of a seasoning dedicated to seafood is simply to complement the natural flavors and let the seafood shine through. That’s why Truluck’s Garlic & Herb Seasoning is herb and garlic heavy with less salt than you would probably expect.

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