HS Volleyball: Caney Creek Gets Win in Home Opener

By: Julio Varguez
| Published 08/15/2022


CONROE, TX -- Caney Creek went three solid sets with Coldspring High School in their season opener and ended up sweeping the match. Now in front of their home fans, Caney Creek hopes to do the same to New Waverly. Friday night the Caney Creek Panthers hosted the New Waverly Bulldogs in a non-district home opener.

The Panthers and the Bulldogs both came out with the same momentum and aggression as they went point for point in the first set. Although Caney Creek was able to pull away in the end, the second set showed a different side from New Waverly as they dominated the net. Early in the set, Caney Creek’s momentum kept them point for point but as the set progressed, New Waverly was able to pull away and shut down the Panthers attacks easily winning the set 25-14.

Caney Creek wasn’t out for the count and in the third set they once again came out aggressive going point for point with New Waverly. Like the last set they would ultimately fall as the Bulldogs would find holes in their defense. With a crucial time out from head Coach Samantha Lang, Caney Creek would tie things up at 20 a piece and start their comeback. With a 26-24 third set win, the Panthers would lead the match 2-1 going into the fourth set.

The fourth set was all Caney Creek as they dominated the net and the New Waverly defense. It seemed as though New Waverly hit a wall and some of the players seemed fatigued. Caney Creek would take advantage of this and easily take the fourth set and the match 25-6.

They are set to play Conroe in their district opener and when asked who they are most excited to play, head coach Samantha Lang responded, “Everyone!”

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